Keith Tully

Keith Tully has been working in the field of corporate insolvency for more than a decade, during which time he has helped many company managers accomplish their business goals, He's currently partnering with Real Business Rescue, the UK's most extensive independent network of insolvency practitioners.


How B2B Businesses are Tackling Social Media in 2015

Today’s B2B marketers can’t go very far with traditional methods of digital marketing. Social media is one channel that can prove to be a loyalty builder for B2B businesses because customer relationships are not about one-off transactions.

5 Tips for SMEs Trying to Find Funding

Financial concerns can creep up on companies of all sizes and too much debt can of course become a serious problem for any business. But it remains very much the case that loans and other forms of finance are often essential to the prospects of SMEs in a wide variety of sectors.

3 Alternative Ways to Finance Your Small Business

As a small business, finding access to finance when you need it most can be very challenging and might seem impossible but there are alternatives to taking out bank loans or using your own personal funds to overcome a cash flow crisis.

6 Key Business Goals for Company Leaders

There are any number of reasons for setting goals for yourself as the CEO of a small business. Even with a successful track record behind you and a well-oiled process in place, new challenges will always appear on the horizon and you never know in what ways you might soon be tested.

How B2B Businesses are Using Social Media in 2014

Social media facilitates customer acquisition and retention. A good social media marketing strategy promotes credibility and professionalism of the brand. It also offers tremendous potential for networking.

What Are the Ingredients of a Successful Company Manager?

Managing the affairs of a small business is no easy task, and as such there are certain traits that a company manager should possess if they’re expected to perform well in the face of adversity.

Leadership Lessons from Business and Sports Winners

In order to cope with such stressors and thrive amidst the hustle and bustle, a successful business leader should be equipped with certain skill sets.