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Image and branding?

By: Dan Fontaine



Our business has established a good brand based upon a certain image. This image is recognizable throughout our community, especially to our vendors who refer us. At the same time, that image is no longer indicative of the kind of work we’re producing now. After proceeding with a new image on some marketing material, a few vendors have commented that they miss the old picture, which they associate with our company. Should we continue using the branded, established image that people have come to recognize, or should we change it up and begin branding a new image that better fits our own perceived style?

Answer:   Though some businesses find it necessary to change their image, most companies prefer to hold on to brand recognition (names, logos, slogans, etc.) that they have invested in and built over a long period of time. Also, many successful long-term businesses have decided to hold their images through many product changes and business evolutions and cycles. Also, companies like Ford Motor and Coca Cola have changed popular product names only to change back to the original names. Of course, direct consumer comments are one of the most important elements in measuring image, brand recognition, and market positioning. For example, if customers were contacting you with negative comments about an image or marketing text that would usually be very important input; however, if the individuals that making comments are no longer in your target audience, then it may not be as important to your decision to change image.

You may want to consider a rotating image on the page showing both the old image and the new one. Then, consider dropping the old one altogether. After all, your site needs to be a direct representation of the type of work you are doing in your business.

Changing image and positioning after successful years of operations is an important decision. If you are having second thoughts about changing your image, you may want to consult a marketing professional for an opinion or to possibly conduct consumer research of your proposed image change. To consider and evaluate the use of an outside marketing agency, you can review the following information and example suggestions on selecting an advertising agency and brand marketing issues:


Brand recognition:

Published: July 8, 2013

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