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What blog topics would be beneficial to increase customer traffic?

By: Edwin Bevens




We are currently writing a blog for our business. What topics would be beneficial to increase customer traffic?

Answer:  A business blog has two basic purposes: promoting a business and networking to build and retain customer relationships. There are various ways to distribute or publish a blog to increase your blog viewer traffic with common website design and technical trend topics and other web design and industry articles and information that would be useful for your existing customers and other readers. As to increasing sales (buying customer traffic), you can use your blog to introduce new products or services, offer price discounts or other promotions, and include other call-to-action content that may be of interest to new or existing customers. In addition to reviewing the blogs of your competitors and others in the industry, you can use industry articles and suggestions like the following to help develop and manage the topics and other content of your blog:
Published: May 29, 2013

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