Unified communications (UC) cloud services are likely the most useful services many businesses will ever have. A UC cloud-based service can offer a flexibility that hosted and managed services can’t. The service lets companies be more agile, scalable, and changeable in communications functionality and features.

What does that mean for you? It means that UC cloud services could be the communications solution you’ve been looking for. Here, we’ll talk about the different features of this service.

So, what is UC anyway?

UC is a service that integrates chat, data, applications, and voice to make all of your communications more seamless and automatic. Hosted and managed solutions, in contrast, sell companies networking and computing infrastructure, while maintaining ownership of hardware and software. These services are generally contracted beforehand, meaning that companies are already committed to a price even if they use fewer services. UC software and services come in bundles to help companies integrate all communications and allow customers to change their service contracts based on usage.

How do cloud communications work in this service?

In UC cloud services, you can set up your hosted PBX and VoIP solution in a nearly endless configuration of possibilities. In combination, this solution can simplify making and taking calls, as well as organize messages from other mailboxes.

What is an operator console?

An operator console is designed to help you maintain transparency across your company, letting you manage several actions in a single place. For example, operator consoles let you manage call center features like callers and queues, as well as view your extensions, click to dial, and manage your conference bridges. The operator console’s standard web interface means you won’t have to learn an entirely new system either.

What are some of the benefits of UC services?

Perhaps the biggest draw of UC services is their scalability. Unlike pre-contracted rates of similar services, UC lets you change your plan on a per-customer basis, which, in turn, lets you cut costs if your usage rates decrease.

Additionally, UC provides backup security in case of disaster or emergency. UC systems can be automatically backed up and managed so that they’re always ready to be recovered if need be.

Gain these benefits and more with cloud communications. NEC Unified Messaging service gives you the benefits that the fast-paced modern workplace requires. For example, you can capture messages and forward them to other mailboxes, and check your voice and email messages using a single interface, from wherever you are. Further, the system’s apps for collaboration make communicating across different applications and locations easier than ever before.

Scott Resnick
Scott Resnick is the President and Owner of Today's Telecommunications Industries, LLC (TTI) in Houston, TX. For the past 39 years, Scott has been instrumental in serving the telecommunications needs of some of Houston's largest and most influential companies. TTI is one of the largest NEC dealers in the United States. Scott is an avid baseball fan, loving father, husband, and a world traveler.