Whether it is for a new startup or because the business has outgrown the previous location, moving into a new office building is a fun new adventure for business owners. There are, however, steps that are only indirectly related to the business operation but still need to take place in order to keep the office facilities in good shape. It is typically in the business owner’s best interest to hire out some of these services since trying to take care of them internally would pull resources that could be concentrating on the core business. This is in addition to the fact that some of these services require skills that are outside the specialty of anyone on the business’s staff.


The first thing customers or other visitors see as they drive up toward the building is the landscaping. A pleasant looking appearance outside the building helps to create a positive first impression that people have about the business. Poor landscaping can have the opposite effect. Unless the business is large enough to warrant a full time person who will take care of this type of thing, it is usually better to hire someone who does this for a living.

Pest Control

Pest control is especially important for business owners who are moving their operation into a building that has had pest problems in the past. To neglect this is to invite pests back into the building. Even for new buildings, hiring a pest control company is a good preventative step. Just like poor landscaping, the presence of pests does not make for a favorable impression on customers. In addition, effective pest control can prevent health issues that could be caused by the presence of pests.


Hiring a janitorial service to take care of keeping the offices clean and the trash cans emptied allows this activity to take place at a time when it is least disruptive to the business. Arrangements can be made for this to take place after hours. That way, employees come in to a clean office to begin their day. One of the intangible benefits of this is a positive effect on employee morale.


Keeping the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system maintained takes a special skill. It is unlikely that the owner can make a good business case for keeping someone with these skills on the payroll. These services can be purchased as needed or a service contract with a local HVAC company can be signed.


As the business grows, the need for additional electrical equipment will likely increase with it. This can include things as simple as installing a few new electrical outlets or running cable for a special piece of equipment. It is never a good practice to allow someone without proper electrical training to work on electrical components.

Contracting out services that are outside the business’s field of specialty is not just the sensible thing for the business itself, it also helps the local economy. These decisions are ultimately the business owner’s to make on a case by case basis, but getting these services out of the way is a great step in helping your company focus on its own growth and business goals.

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