Space is one of the challenges plaguing startup companies. However, serviced offices are emerging as an option for startup companies looking for spacious offices. The offices that small companies used to occupy are no longer spacious enough to fit all their equipment.

A startup that is looking for some kinds of rental space needs a sizable office for flexibility and comfort and a prime location to give it a reception of a successful venture. While these could translate to a higher rent, which often seems harsh on the finances of a startup, serviced offices are a less costly option that might be the answer to all the dreams of a startup business. Below are five serviced office benefits for a startup company.


Finding a space at a serviced office comes with a bundle of benefits including a prime location in the central business district. One of the benefits of serviced offices is that they allow startup companies to pick strategic spots for their branches to ensure their office addresses are in the CBDs.

Moreover, convenience is a critical factor since startups located in the CBDs are likely to have a top-notch communication and transport network, which often makes it easier for clients and employees to access their services. Startups in CBDs have access to plenty of nearby amenities such as shops, post offices, restaurants, and banks, which are useful for everyday operations.


The freedom and flexibility that serviced offices offer help keep startups and SMEs on toes. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about long-term fixed rental contracts as serviced offices allow the option for pay-as-you-go usage, and their lease agreements are usually short-term.

With serviced office space, you are free to either change the location or up or downsize the space anytime depending on your business needs. In short, a serviced office is a space that can be as flexible as the needs of your business.


Serviced offices are a good bet for startup owners who would want to interact with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. You probably have the same objectives as your neighboring businesses, meaning there is a lot of insights and ideas to share. Working in a serviced office allows a startup to share its success story and pains with a colleague that has gone through the same. Startups in serviced offices can also host industry talks and networking events to share useful contacts and expert tips.


One of the benefits of a serviced office is that it is an excellent choice for startups on an unpredictable or limited budget. You are unlikely to get bang on your door considering the range of utilities, services, and facilities that come with serviced offices. The flexibility of monthly serviced office costs allows startups to vacate the space without break clauses or deposit when times get tough, which is a win-win situation for the owners of a small business.


Finding utilities, rental space, maintenance staff, furniture, and regular office rental can be a bit challenging for a startup company. Nonetheless, serviced offices take care of all these and even much more to allow startups to take advantage of the already fully operational infrastructure.

Telephone and internet connectivity, air conditioning, lighting, electricity, video conferencing functionality, security and cleaning services, office furniture, IT support and maintenance, and meeting rooms are some of the advantages of serviced offices. That means startups can focus all their efforts on the fundamental activities.

Startup companies require a substantial amount of investment to purchase equipment and hire a trained workforce. Not only will startups have to spend more money on the furniture, but also on paying extra wages. However, serviced offices relieve startups of this financial burden as they provide all office amenities for the convenience and success of a tenant. That means startups won’t spend on services such as receptionists when they rent a serviced office.

Final Thought

Serviced offices allow startup companies to be in a prime location without breaking the bank. Furthermore, these offices take care of all business needs, meaning a tenant can move to a new office with fewer difficulties. As such, startup owners should think twice before deciding to rent office space.