Influencer campaigns are becoming more and more common, and for good reasons; there are few better ways to reach your target audience with a persuasive messaging campaign than to reach out to them through a popular influencer.

Despite the recent uptick in interest surrounding influencer campaigns, however, any entrepreneurs and marketing managers are making simple, stupid mistakes when it comes to running their own campaigns. Far too often, it’s because these rookies aren’t paying enough attention to their employees when it comes to their strategizing.

Here’s how you can avoid the hassle of a failed influencer campaign by looking to your employees, and why the untapped potential of your human capital is the thing you should be boosting the most if you want to have a healthy future in the market.

Micro-influencing is becoming the way of the future

Much ink has been spilled already about the recent marketing revolution that’s led to the dawn of the influencer era, which has seen individual celebrity influencers become crucial parts of any brand’s marketing success. Despite the recent uptick in influencer campaigns, however, many businesses are still relying on old ways of doing business, and are failing to realize that micro-influencing campaigns are the way to go in the 21st century market economy.

For instance, while big celebrity names can attract plenty of attention, most small businesses can actually harness the power of their individual employees when it comes to influencing public opinion, especially when it comes to public optics pertaining to how you treat your valued workers.

Young, edgy influencers who can make a serious impact on today’s social media channels are important, but young consumers are more motivated by social justice than they are almost anything else. This means that the proper treatment of your employees, which includes an influencer campaign centered around how they’re essential parts of your brand, whatever it may be, is a crucial part of any influencer campaign’s success in today’s market.

If you’ve yet to look into the myriad of ways in which you can transform your employees into brand ambassadors for your company, you need to catch up with the times, lest you soon get replaced by a savvier competitor.

Having a clean-cut image of your brand begins with your employees, after all, who represent you in more ways than many entrepreneurs and managers realize. While executives may think that their public image is shaped by intense marketing campaigns that take place in traditional media arenas like television and radio advertisements, many consumers decide whether they like your company based on how interactions they have with your employees turn out.

In that regard, turning your employees into professional influencers is essential towards imparting a positive image into your consumer’s heads when they leave your store or site.

This so-called micro-influencing, in which you’re not focused on huge influencers with massive social media campaigns, but rather are focused on small, daily, micro-interactions that are primarily facilitated through your employees, should become the basis of your influencer campaign in 2018. Having engaged, savvy employees who appear to always be on their A-game will generate some seriously positive buzz for your company.

In these instances it’s important to run an extensive background check, to make sure there is nothing unsavory in your employees’ social media history, but if everything checks out, it will help reassure customers that they’re wisely parting with their dollars when they pick your brand over the competition.

It’s all about peer recommendations

Why is micro-influencing so important? Because unlike other generations, which primarily were influenced by mass media marketing campaigns that indiscriminately targeted huge swathes of people all at once, today’s consumers are driven by peer recommendations.

In the contemporary economy, consumers are beset upon all sides by choices and gimmicks seeking their attention, which means meaningful experiences stick out like a sore thumb for customers to latch onto. When your consumers have a positive experience at your store, especially once that was only brought about by the suave and skill of your workers, it’ll spread like wildfire on social media channels, generating some business for you.

Non-celebrity influencers are simply more important than celebrity ones, despite what pop culture might tell you. While Hollywood loves to fill our heads with fictitious tales that everyone is a drone to some celebrity overlord, consumers actually make independently-minded decisions on the basis of what their friends recommend, and everyday people overwhelmingly prefer brands that reach out to them as individuals in a meaningful, well-intentioned way.

That means that for your influencer campaign to succeed, your employees need to keep the best interest of your consumers in mind, which they’ll do if you, in turn, keep their best interest in mind.

By boosting your employees and turning them into brand ambassadors, and by giving them reasons to show up to work with a smile, you’re really only helping yourself. Launch a micro-influencing campaign dominated by employee influencers today, and you’ll see stellar results in no time.

Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Since the age of 17, he has started and sold five businesses before creating Dash Serviced Suites--Hong Kong’s fastest growing asset-light, tech-enabled, serviced apartment community operating over 100 apartments. Aaron focuses on investing in technology to build industry disrupting startups.