What Apple’s Digital Currency Policy Update Means for eCommerce

Apple recently performed an about-face on its digital currency position choosing to now allow apps that trade digital currency such as bitcoin in its store.

New Technology for Businesses with Tight Budgets

Technology is constantly making business operate more and more efficiently. And more and more developments are being targeted right at small businesses, operating on a much tighter budget than the top manufacturers of previous generations.

5 Data Center Design Commandments

If you're creating a data center design from scratch, it's important to think a little bit about how you're going to lay it out before you get building. Here are a few areas to think about:

3 Ways Wearable Tech Improves Online Shopping

Shoes that provide directions to your destination, trousers that generate enough kinetic energy to charge your phone, a shirt that functions as a hard drive...

Swiftly Design: Professional Edits to Creative Projects

For businesses that don't require the attention of a full-time designer but want to avoid the hassle of recruiting and hiring a freelancer, Swiftly offers a reasonable alternative. A subsidiary of 99designs, a graphic and web design Crowdsourcing site reviewed previously, Swiftly has a team of designers ready to deliver edits within a matter of hours for a flat fee of $15.

6 eCommerce Tips for Small Businesses

Contrary to popular belief, a big budget is not required for successful eCommerce solutions. Several new tools have emerged that help small businesses sell their products online in an easy, non-invasive manner.

eCommerce and SEO: 24 Tips to Improve Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an essential task to drive the numbers of visitors to a site and transform them into a valuable customer for your business. There are many facets involved in CRO, from user experience to data analysis.

Taking Surveillance of Your Small Business Operations

According to a survey conducted by the University of Cincinnati, about 64 percent of small businesses said that they had experienced employee theft. One of the most effective ways to prevent theft is to install surveillance cameras in your store, office or other facility.

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

A high bounce rate on a business website is a clear indicator that the site needs to be redesigned. A business that can't keep its leads on a page long enough to convert them is in trouble.

Target Attack Linked to Phishing Emails

Various investigations into the Target credit card fiasco continue, and the public is still lacking solid answers. While some facts about the breach are known, other fundamental details have yet to be determined.

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