Kickboard: New Orleans Small Business Startup

Small business opportunities abound in the poorest and most needy areas as well as the most affluent. Everyone knows that old saying that tells us necessity is the mother of invention.

Ting: A Cost Effective Cell Phone Plan for Small Businesses

Have you ever struggled to find a cell phone carrier that has the right plan for your small business? Ting is a cell phone plan provider run through the Sprint network that provides a smart solution to a recurring problem for businesses. Here are a 5 few reasons why you should consider setting up a cell phone plan for your small business through Ting.

Is Your Website a Novelty or a Utility?

If you're a small business owner who has put off committing to a website, the time has come to build one. If you have a website that is operating more like a novelty than a utility, the time has come for a redesign.

5 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your eCommerce Store Blog

If you're an online merchant selling your goods through an eCommerce website, then one of the best ways to attract more traffic (visitors) to your store is through blogging. Let's think about why blogging is so important for an eCommerce website for just a minute.

The Technology of the Modern Business

There is no denying the importance of technology in any modern business setting. It has become abundantly clear that the companies that use the...

Why B2B Small Businesses Need to Take Cybersecurity Seriously

Over the last few years, cyber-attacks against every kind of organization, from large corporations to political parties, have increased. Small businesses face the same threats...

Why Your New Small Business Needs Payroll Software

You’re a new small business and the world is at your feet—as are a 100 million other clichés and things to do. Here lies the...

Essential Solutions for Safer Online Transactions

Doing business online can be risky. Online banking websites, online shopping, and an endless supply of apps that want your credit card details are...

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Security

Whatever the size or nature of your business, ensuring the security of your staff, premises and property is going to be of the utmost importance.

6 Important Ways to Save Big Bucks When Building a Website

Building a website is like building a house—you have to have a budget. When that budget is tight you have to decide how to...

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