Networking for Your Franchise Business

Networking can really help grow your business—including a franchise business. The name recognition your franchise already has can help you gain attention and clout more easily in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the Rotary Club, so it makes sense to take advantage of opportunities to speak or to head up committees in these groups.

Franchise Words: Advertising Fee

The advertising fee pays for the ad campaigns and advertising to promote the franchise. One of the most important times for a system's advertising efforts is during the grand opening of the franchise.

Should Celebrities Sway You When You Choose a Franchise?

Having a dynamic celebrity like Emmitt Smith to build a franchise's brand awareness can do wonders for a company. People who respect celebrities like Smith easily see the value of a celebrity brand ambassador for a franchise like Good Feet.

5 Franchising Myths Perpetuated by Your Neighbor

Below, we tackle five kinds of myths about franchising that are fairly common, and which we are set to debunk. Do you feel that you're ready to get started?

Why Own a Franchise?

There are many attractive reasons for buying into an existing organization, for both newcomers to the business world and also experienced veterans. The most immediate of these relates to the brand recognition and identity of the existing organization.

A Franchisee’s Transferable Skills

Do you dream of opening your own franchise business because you're not happy with your job? It happens. Your boss might be driving you crazy. Your coworkers might be the reason for your malaise. Or it could be that you're feeling suffocated because you're not using your skills.

Is a Retail Franchise for You?

Retail franchise opportunities abound, but this is a challenging time to be a retailer. Big Box chains have taken over much of the retail space, e-commerce is increasingly threatening brick and mortar stores, and consumers are more demanding than ever.

5 Reasons SBA Loans Make Financial Sense for Small Franchise Businesses

The franchise industry is showing signs of economic recovery after the global financial crisis in 2008. Recent statistics from the International Franchise Association reveal that the industry showed healthy signs of growth in 2012, especially in the food service, hospitality, and construction sectors.

Home-Based Franchises and Your Home

Home-based franchises have some real advantages. If you go with a home-based franchise opportunity, you don't have to rent an office, commute, or deal with all the myriad issues that go with a business location.

Gaining Financing for a Franchise is Getting Easier

It is easy to see why getting franchise loans may be somewhat easier than gaining financing for other types of small businesses. Franchises, to some degree, come with their own set of marketing research and sort of a ready-made business plan that takes a lot of work out of the business owner's hand. It also mitigates a lot of risk for the lenders.

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