Company Apparel: Looking Official vs. Looking Promotional

Every employee should be proud to sport the company logo and colors. However, there is such thing as going overboard with advertising in thread. Company custom clothing should be a lot like the webpage: attractive, but subtle and welcoming to potential customers.

Write Press Releases to Find Business

Many people send out a release on silly things and expect to get publicity. If you want your release to be picked up by legitimate media either online or off, then make sure you have some news that is unique, interesting, controversial or about a famous person.

Is Cold Calling Dead?

In reality, this title is just clickbait. It’s certain to draw all sorts of attention with pundits on either side of the issue. Inevitably...

Mastering PPC: Tips and Tricks for Image Ads

Text ads may be the bread and butter of the paid search industry, but there is another ad type that also pulls its weight around the paid search house, and can be used in conjunction with your text ads. I'm talking about image ads.

The Money’s in the Magazine: Why SMBs Need Print Marketing

While it may seem that this digital age has all but eradicated the necessity for in-hand marketing, print is not dead! There are several reasons why the smart business owner still invests in tangible print media. We'd like to share those reasons with you.

Want to Create Memorable Ads? Make ’em Laugh!

According to Millward Brown, "Some form of humor is used in almost half of all TV advertising, where it often contributes to very effective ads. Humor can make ads more enjoyable, involving, and memorable."

7 Proven Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Small Business

You’ve probably been to your local fast food chain and noticed that they’ve switched to digital signage for displaying their featured menu items. And...

5 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas to Generate Leads and Make Sales

Email can be a goldmine for businesses that use it ethically and effectively. The medium is so versatile as a communications tool, it can...

Want Powerful Leads? Do Better Homework!

How many times have you approached prospective customers only to see those leads tank? Well, there are good reasons that happens. Where did you get...

“Is There Anyone Else We Should Be Talking To?”

Sometimes we become so task focused, we lose site of the bigger picture and what we could be doing. And we forget something critical, we forget to ask, "Is there anyone else we should be talking to?"

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