How to Create Your Own Social Media Quiz for Lead Generation

Have you ever come across one of those Buzzfeed quizzes before and wondered how well a social media quiz would do for your marketing...

Leveraging the Power of Converged Media

I think the idea of leveraging the power of converged media is both an old and a new idea. Media has changed (to say...

VIDEO: What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

A quick description of what Pay Per Click is, how it relates to traditional advertising, and why it matters to your small business.

My Fish Bowl Story of Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a mistake I made that taught me a lot and helped me teach others. The Mistake Many years ago, I took a new product—early business planning...

How to Choose Between Online and Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Business

Most, if not all, businesses can benefit from some blend of offline and online marketing techniques, but choosing which to focus on can be tricky. The bottom line is simple: try to determine what type of consumers you wish to connect with, and understand what will work best for them.

4 Creative Ways to Make Customers Come to You

How can you raise your company's brand awareness, increase sales, and reduce business risks, all in one fell swoop? Think outside the box to scale your distribution channels. Instead of finding ways to get more customers to come to you, figure out how to get your products or services to reach more customers.

Which Lead Generation Techniques are Right for Your Company?

Leads (solid ones anyway) can be hard to come by. You know you need to up the ante in the lead gen department, but...

How to Write Ads

It’s easy to say you want to put together an ad—but it’s a lot harder to write a compelling one that customers will remember. You might not think of yourself as a great writer, but by following some basic guidelines, you can create effective ad copy.

Sales on the Go: Better In-Person Advertising

In-person interactions are touted as one of the most effective marketing strategies for any small business owner. With a global marketplace, the way organizations...

Do You Know Who Your Brand Cheerleaders Are?

Who are the people who say good things about your business or nonprofit organization? Do you know? "Fans" aren't the same as customers. Further, not all "customers" are equally committed to a brand.

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