9 Advanced Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Starting a small business can seem like a huge gamble, but the biggest emphasis on your small business is not always the initial or...

Introducing Earned, Owned and Paid Native Content Discovery

More and more, marketers are beginning to figure out that content marketing without marketing content can be an expensive, time consuming and failure-prone endeavor

7 Ways to Avoid Online False Advertising Claims

A lot of business owners don’t realize that advertising is regulated by both the federal and state governments. Any advertising that deceives or misleads...

Emails That Nurture Leads

Sending emails may be considered in this day and age the soon-to-be dinosaurs of digital marketing but the truth is they are still effective,...

Breaking AdWords Announcements: A Renewed Focus on Users

The team at AdWords had been teasing about a huge update on 4/22 for better part of a month. Unlike Enhanced Campaigns, minimal information was provided ahead of time to agencies.

What a Local TV Commercial for Your Small Business Should Look Like

There’s a reason companies spend thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars on TV ads. They work! They reach a huge audience and bring people...

5 Ways to Increase Footfall in ANY Shop

Paying customers is what keeps any business or shop afloat; the more you have, the better. However, there are several stages in the process of...

Company Apparel: Looking Official vs. Looking Promotional

Every employee should be proud to sport the company logo and colors. However, there is such thing as going overboard with advertising in thread. Company custom clothing should be a lot like the webpage: attractive, but subtle and welcoming to potential customers.

Are You Wasting Time and Money by Not Qualifying Leads?

Getting new leads is at the core of customer acquisition. No warm or hot prospects = no new customers. There’s a plethora of lead generation...

Mobile Ad Extensions Replacing Ad Copy

If you have been managing PPC campaigns over the last year, you have realized that Google is placing more and more emphasis on their ad extensions. New betas are constantly being developed and most recently, callout extensions have been released for use by all advertisers.

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