Marketers Need a Number Too!

Many companies leave the numbers up to the sales team. Hot leads, warm leads, cold leads, lead conversion rates, quotas, etc. But what about the marketing team?

Outbound Marketing the Inbound Way

Inbound marketing has taken the world by storm and there is good reason for that; the sustainability and ROI are undeniable. Although embracing inbound marketing methodology is a no-brainer for many companies trying to achieve long-term goals, it is not a strategy that prospers overnight.

Digital Advertising’s Biggest Demon

Ever since the advent of AdWords, fake clicks have been an insidious problem for advertisers. But today that problem is bigger than it's ever been before.

The 4 Basic Elements of Inbound Marketing

If you're new to the concept of inbound marketing, or you're looking for a quick and dirty rundown of its elements, then this blog is for you. Whether you hire an agency or undergo the process on your own, here are the 4 main goals of inbound and the associated services that you can expect to find in a solid inbound marketing plan.

Traditional Media Works for Local Marketing

In a new study by Brandmuscle, hundreds of local dealers, agents and franchisees across a wide range of industries indicated that "traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, yellow pages, coupons and billboards) continue to play a significant role in local marketing."

Company Apparel: Looking Official vs. Looking Promotional

Every employee should be proud to sport the company logo and colors. However, there is such thing as going overboard with advertising in thread. Company custom clothing should be a lot like the webpage: attractive, but subtle and welcoming to potential customers.

Customer Testimonials Best for Business-to-Business Marketing

Companies that market to other businesses have unique challenges. With employee turnover rates at some companies between 30-40%, decision makers to whom they market can change frequently. So, how can business-to-business (B2B) companies build trust and acquire new customers?

Embrace Digital Personas Now Before It’s Too Late

As marketing continues to evolve, so does the tried and true exercises marketers have been doing for decades. Persona development is not exempt from this trend. Traditional persona development is still a powerful tool for marketers to use.

The Bandwagon Effect: Join In!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In marketing the Bandwagon Effect indicates a tool where, merely by demonstrating your company's popularity, other non-members join that following.

5 Ways to Increase Footfall in ANY Shop

Paying customers is what keeps any business or shop afloat; the more you have, the better. However, there are several stages in the process of...

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