How to Pick Your Shots When Advertising a Small Business

Almost every small business and startup faces a single problem and it’s one that gets very little attention in articles like these: How can...

Stay on Top of Your Seasonal Advertisements

For a glance at the latest in small business ad ideas, check out your local monthly magazine. Chock full of creative promotions, regional publications...

Want to Create Memorable Ads? Make ’em Laugh!

According to Millward Brown, "Some form of humor is used in almost half of all TV advertising, where it often contributes to very effective ads. Humor can make ads more enjoyable, involving, and memorable."

Location-Based Targeting Can Boost Mobile ROI

We've heard it time and time again—"mobile is the future!" But, besides knowing that mobile is a rapidly burgeoning sector of the digital marketing world, many brands and publishers don't know how to tap into its huge growth potential.

The Way to Get the Most out of Every Lead

An online ad addressed to a specific segment of your market is a double-edged sword. While a targeted ad can positively influence the buying behavior of your audience, it can also cause the rest of the market to feel disconnected when they don't see how the ad is relevant to them.

Can Offline Marketing Still Compete in the World of Online Advertising?

Each day our brains have to process an incredible amount of information as we go about our daily routines. The advance of the internet and mobile technology has seen an increase in the amount of time we are spending online.

How to Get New Customers by Targeting New Markets

Many entrepreneurs assume that everyone will love their solution as much as they do, so they tune their marketing focus based on their own...

Essential Tips for a Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct mail marketing is regaining its position as the favorite sales tool of small businesses. Earlier direct mail was intended to reach the maximum number of recipients and was more of a shot in the dark, hoping to hit the right target.

The Money’s in the Magazine: Why SMBs Need Print Marketing

While it may seem that this digital age has all but eradicated the necessity for in-hand marketing, print is not dead! There are several reasons why the smart business owner still invests in tangible print media. We'd like to share those reasons with you.

Why Your Sales Team Needs to Embrace an Inbound Marketing Strategy

In my previous sales roles, I was told many times that in order to be successful, I shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to...

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