5 Changeable Signage Options for Seasonal Marketing

When it comes to commercial décor, adaptability is one of the most important traits to consider. It is crucial to be able to adjust your marketing materials to keep up with sales, seasons, and other time-sensitive events.

Why Print Marketing Materials are Still Important in 2015

Printed materials may have lost some luster since the advent of digital marketing, but, know this.... they are experiencing a resurgence.

My Fish Bowl Story of Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a mistake I made that taught me a lot and helped me teach others. The Mistake Many years ago, I took a new product—early business planning...

7 Referral Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Referral marketing is a new twist on word of mouth marketing—one of the oldest and most effective means of promoting practically any type of...

Lights, Camera, Action! What Small Business Owners Can Learn from TV PR Stunts

The world of television PR is exciting and dynamic. Stunts are frequently large and elaborate, often involving a slew of celebrities and high-profile coverage. Even though their budgets are more modest, small business owners can take inspiration from these big-budget publicity events.

Which Lead Generation Techniques are Right for Your Company?

Leads (solid ones anyway) can be hard to come by. You know you need to up the ante in the lead gen department, but...

Are You Wasting Time and Money by Not Qualifying Leads?

Getting new leads is at the core of customer acquisition. No warm or hot prospects = no new customers. There’s a plethora of lead generation...

How to Create Your Own Social Media Quiz for Lead Generation

Have you ever come across one of those Buzzfeed quizzes before and wondered how well a social media quiz would do for your marketing...

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Mobile Video Advertising

If you ever want to confirm your assumption about a new marketing trend, all you have to do is follow the money. A recent spate of direct and anecdotal evidence suggests the cash is flowing into mobile advertising in general and mobile video advertising in particular.

Location-Based Targeting Can Boost Mobile ROI

We've heard it time and time again—"mobile is the future!" But, besides knowing that mobile is a rapidly burgeoning sector of the digital marketing world, many brands and publishers don't know how to tap into its huge growth potential.

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