Do You Need Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?

Many risks that your business faces are directed at your company's actions. However, there are other dangers that apply specifically to individuals and their actions. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O) protects your company's CEO, COO, CFO, and other corporate officers and outside directors.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for Your Small Business?

Of all the kinds of insurance you can get for your business, general liability is one of the most important. This guide will help you identify what these policies will cover, as well as how much coverage would be appropriate for you.

Ten Tips for Buying Insurance

Have you ever been frustrated over the process of buying insurance for your business? While it’s a time-consuming, difficult task, but doing it right is worth the effort. To make the process as smooth as possible, pay attention to every detail and provide as much information as you can to the underwriter.

Employment Practices Liability

While many business owners take the time to protect themselves and their businesses from outside risks, these are not actually the largest risks you face. In most cases, you are far more likely to be sued by an employee than an outsider.

5 Kinds of Risk in Building Your Business

If you could predict a crisis within your business before its occurrence, wouldn't you move to prevent or reduce its impact? Making such predictions is a skill that can be developed, and here's one method of doing so.

5 Business Risks in a Hyper-Connected World

Businesses have to look at risks, access the capabilities and install security to prevent attacks or infiltrations. Despite all the good intentions and knowledge of security issues, most businesses are lax with risk management.

A Brief Guide on Workers’ Compensation

From incidents such as a fractured bone or arthritis to the most unfortunate cases, up to and including death, both employees and employers should...

5 Slip Ups That Can Bring Down a Small Business

There are a number of ways small business owners can sabotage their success. If a small business is perennially struggling, then it may be...

How Do I Develop Proper Risk Management?

Every business owner expects risks, and managing them properly is a vital task. Business insurance is an important piece of the puzzle, but there are several steps you should take first to calculate and manage your risks.

Fraud is No Small Business

It's unfortunate but true: fraud happens to small businesses all across the country. Whether it is employee theft or false injury claims, your small business must be prepared for any fraudulent claims that come its way.

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