How to Protect Your Business from Employee Theft

As a business owner, I have to say that statistics on employee theft are frightening. According to Statistic Brain, $50 billion are stolen from U.S....

6 Ideas to Help Keep Your Business Safe

Operating a business is a complicated matter. Not only do business managers have to worry about making a profit, they also have to worry...

Everything You Need to Know About Fraud Liability

It’s no wonder small businesses are feeling pressured or even overwhelmed by security concerns today. From federally mandated EMV chip updates to POS systems...

Are You Ready for Crisis Communication?

Being hit by a natural disaster (tornado) and man-made disaster (fire) within a two month period will get you thinking about crisis readiness! Having survived the aforementioned events without more real pain than insurance company and contractor frustration, I am quite aware of how much worse things could have been for our family and for my business.

What is a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP?

One of the most popular insurance forms for small businesses is a business owner's plan, or BOP. These policies have developed in recent years and increased in popularity. These policies are convenient and specifically designed for small or medium sized businesses.

What to Do When the Unanticipated Worst Happens at Your Business

As a business owner, you may think you are prepared for anything that comes your way. However, sometimes events can transpire that can leave you caught off guard, even with most careful preparations. Here are six scenarios you need to consider when planning for the worst.

6 Surprises That Can Shut Down Your Small Business

One moment you are running a successful business, and the next moment your company is shut down. It happens every day in this country....

Minimizing Small Business Risks: What Every Owner Can Do

If you own or operate a small business, it's important to minimize the risks you, your customers, and your employees may face during the course of each business day.

Business Assets: How to Safeguard Your Livelihood

While other aspects of a business are important, much of a company’s values rests in its assets. If you want your business to survive...

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for Your Small Business?

Of all the kinds of insurance you can get for your business, general liability is one of the most important. This guide will help you identify what these policies will cover, as well as how much coverage would be appropriate for you.

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