The Fairness Doctrine

Most emotional responses to decisions in business are generated not because the person making the response feels the decision was unwise, but rather unfair. So I've created the "Fairness Doctrine" as a stated element in the cultural fabric of businesses where I am involved.

How Small Businesses Can Survive Natural Disasters

One in four businesses hit by a natural disaster never recover. Read below for facts and tips to make sure your business is prepared for the worst.

Creating and Implementing a Safety Program

Creating a safety program for your workplace can be an overwhelming task. It can seem like there are innumerable ways employees can hurt themselves—and just as many OSHA regulations to prevent injuries from happening. Where do you start and how do you know where to go?

Asset Protection Tips for Your Small Business

No matter your industry or how small your operation, it's vitally important to take the proper steps to protect your business from litigation. Why You...

At What Point Should Your Business Consider Small Fleet Insurance?

No matter how small, your business might rely on commercial vehicles to survive. Whether to transport goods, visit customers, or indeed transport customers, commercial vehicles are important assets to the business.

How Do I Develop Proper Risk Management?

Every business owner expects risks, and managing them properly is a vital task. Business insurance is an important piece of the puzzle, but there are several steps you should take first to calculate and manage your risks.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Business

Opening a business is as hard as it is fulfilling. As a future business owner you will need to take many precautions to ensure that your business will be lucrative. While a solid marketing strategy and insurance plan will not ensure that your business will have enough funds to operate, it will at least give you and your business a fighting chance.

5 Slip Ups That Can Bring Down a Small Business

There are a number of ways small business owners can sabotage their success. If a small business is perennially struggling, then it may be...

Fraud is No Small Business

It's unfortunate but true: fraud happens to small businesses all across the country. Whether it is employee theft or false injury claims, your small business must be prepared for any fraudulent claims that come its way.

Reduce Risk by Segregating Assets in a New Entity

The Problem: Often business owners want to segregate valuable assets from potential adverse liabilities generated in the operation of a business. For example, a bakery...
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