Start(up) After Answering These 3 Questions on Risk

Embracing risk is important; it's part of being an entrepreneur. However, a fundamental difference exists between taking calculated risks and being reckless altogether.

How to Protect Your Small Business Using Insurance

The world of insurance can be a huge headache for small business owners. Since getting your business off the ground is your number one...

Safety in the Workplace: 6 Dangers to Know

One of the most important things any manager should uphold in the workplace is safety. Without a safe work environment, you are putting the lives and well-being of your employees on the line.

A Brief Guide on Workers’ Compensation

From incidents such as a fractured bone or arthritis to the most unfortunate cases, up to and including death, both employees and employers should...

How Do I Develop Proper Risk Management?

Every business owner expects risks, and managing them properly is a vital task. Business insurance is an important piece of the puzzle, but there are several steps you should take first to calculate and manage your risks.

Identity Theft’s Hidden Victim: Your Business

Regardless of how it’s executed or who is affected, one fact is universal: identity theft leaves its victims feeling violated and insecure. However, the...

Why You Need Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance (BII), which is intended to compensate the company for income lost in the event physical damage renders it inoperable for a period of time, can provide so much value in so many ways.

Disaster Recovery and Other Happy Subjects

Have you been open in sharing your knowledge and talent with a backup, or even a potential successor? It is prudent and certainly a sign that you take this responsibility personally as a leader among your peers and subordinates.

How to Flood Proof Your Phone System

Recently, Houston has been experiencing a tremendous amount of flooding. River levels are steadily rising. What was once your neighborhood pond is now your neighborhood lake.

Do You Have the Right Budget for Business Insurance?

Business owners spend millions of dollars annually on insurance, yet most of the insurance policies they rely on cannot protect their businesses from many...

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