Don’t Make These 5 Common Inventory Mistakes

Believe it or not, inventory management is one of the most important things in the creation of your product. It is the movement of...

Small Businesses Should Consider International Expansion

Just because you are a "small business" doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking big. Your plans for expanding your enterprise may include opening a second location a few miles down the road or increasing your product line, but you should also consider how you can take advantage of the global marketplace.

How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts

Now that you know how to set up your accounting system and how to hire a bookkeeper, its time to learn about some bookkeeping basics. You may have been avoiding this for a long time, but its easier than you think!

10 Sharp Predictions for Small Business in 2016

The vast majority of successful businesses across the world are not major corporations with tens of thousands of employees. They are the small businesses...

One Thing You Must Do Every Time Your Business Grows 50%

I hear it all the time... Small business owners are frustrated with their businesses and they don’t know where or how to start. You got into...

Protect Your Cash, Part 2

In this second of three parts, here are more easy procedures to implement so that you protect your hard earned cash. The person who signs the checks is not the same person who balances the checkbook.

Sweat the Details

Details are so important when running any business. If you are not managing every minute detail, critical things end up falling through the cracks.

Too Much Time in Meetings? 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Work Day

Do you regularly take work home because you were in meetings all day at work? Do you know exactly which seat at each conference...

How to Increase Your Efficiency as a Freelancer

Freelancers are typically faced with a lot more opportunities, challenges and pitfalls while working. Why I mention those 3 things? Well, with so much...

Entrepreneurs Must Not Confuse Action with Results

Too many entrepreneurs confuse actions with momentum and results. We all know someone who repeatedly tells us how "busy" they are, when it's hard to see what they get done.
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