How to Keep Performance Productivity High All Day

It seems like maximum productivity is the ultimate in unreachable goals for many. No matter how much you get done, it always seems you...

Entrepreneurs Must Not Confuse Action with Results

Too many entrepreneurs confuse actions with momentum and results. We all know someone who repeatedly tells us how "busy" they are, when it's hard to see what they get done.

Busyness is Not Productiveness

Somehow a packed calendar/agenda seems to be an indicator of our “success.” We live in a 7/24 world, we have more work than we...

Displacement Principle in Startups and Small Business

It’s really pretty simple. Intuitive. I didn’t learn about it in business school; I learned about it while building and running a real business....

10 Key Outsourcing Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs

These days, it is almost impossible to find a small business where everything is done at the home location, by full-time employees. We are in the age of outsourcing.

Time for Your Kick Finish

We all know the concept of a kick start. An extra effort to get the machine going. Then again, there is the kick finish too, although we don't put it in those terms like we do a machine we do talk about a "kick" at the end of a running race. That extra effort to dig just a bit deeper and drive toward the finish line. NOW is a good time for YOUR kick finish.

6 Indispensable IT Professionals for Your Business

An IT (information technology) professional is a necessity this day and age in order for a business to function on a relevant and critical level.

Sickness in the Workplace: 7 Ways to Reduce the Impact on Your Business

Sickness is estimated to cost more than $576 billion each year in lost productivity, worker's comp, and lost revenue in America alone. So as a business owner why wouldn't you put some systems or strategies in place to reduce sickness in the workplace?

5 Ways to Use Technology to be a Better Manager and Business Owner

Remember the days when we relied on ledger books, fax machines, and hard copy memos to conduct business? Technology has certainly changed the way we run our companies by helping us function quicker and more efficiently.

8 Deadly Wastes That Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

Every entrepreneur I know is short on resources, including time, money, and skills. The last thing they can afford is to waste any of these, but in my mentoring and coaching activities, I see it happening all too often.

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