Why Are You Afraid of Your Customers?

Do you find yourself reluctant to touch base with customers because of fear of what you might find? Do you think that no news is good news? When you think about reaching out, do you ask yourself, "What if something is broken?" or, "What if they ask a question I can't answer?"

Moving from Customer Service to Customer Experience

We all know the difference between good and bad service, but in order to compete, you have to move beyond this and focus on the overall experience you create for your customers. Successful companies must shift their focus from providing satisfactory customer service to creating a memorable customer experience that builds loyalty.

Who’s the Boss of Customer Service?

Are you bold enough to BE THE BOSS of your customer service efforts? Although it may seem politically incorrect these days to assert your position as a manager, sometimes it is the only course of action that brings about the kind of customer service that you want to offer your staff and that will build your brand as a customer service leader.

Big Data, Little Data: A Customer Experience Opportunity Waiting to Happen

Big Data is a collection of data so large and complex it becomes difficult to process. However, many companies embrace a different concept of Big Data. While the collection of data is broad, based on a large amount of information and customer feedback, these companies are able to filter through it to understand general customer behavior and trends.

Can Customer Service Go Too Far?

While customer service is critical, it cannot be given away if the costs become prohibitive. I think the answer is to make sure that everyone understands the terms of a deal when they are accepted.

Big Candy Bar Equates to Big Customer Experience

An amenity is something extra you provide your customers. It adds value to their experience. Any company can start to level the competitive playing field by delivering amazing customer service, a great experience and an amenity or two.

Have You Called Your Office Lately?

Too often our customers and potential customers can see the holes in our first impressions much easier than we can. As a matter of fact, we are so familiar with our own business that it is hard to see with the eyes of an outsider.

Stop Limiting Your Ability to Deliver Great Customer Service!

Marketing and customer service are the two thickest pillars of any real business, so having adequate means to fulfill both of these is paramount.

Set a Customer Service Culture with Three Steps to Welcome

What pleases one customer may easily disturb another. But you've got to do something. So what should you do? Should your customer service culture be reserved and polite, or outgoing and friendly? Should you be fast and efficient, or personal and attentive? Should you initiate contact and offer immediate help, or wait discreetly until you are asked?

Humanizing Your Customer Service

Customer service gives your company an opportunity to build a strong relationship with customers at a critical point. If they’re calling for help, then they’re likely frustrated. All too often, customers are greeted by “customer service robots.” Everyone's familiar with this type of representative.

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