Customer Zombies

A recent study from Colloquy found that more than 50% of customers who initiate a loyalty program failed to return. Customers become zombies when they lose interest in the company, product or service.

What If My Restaurant Has Bad Yelp Reviews?

Like any small business, restaurants are not immune to a bad Yelp review here and there. In fact, when it comes to Yelp, restaurants are the most prone to either side of the spectrum.

How Much Do You Focus on Your Customers’ Needs and Wants?

Do you know your customers’ needs and wants? No, I mean really know their needs and wants? It appears that 38% of marketers find this their number-one...

Five Steps to Managing Complaints on Social Media

Social media is a customer service tool that has great potential beyond what most companies are currently using. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter offer the opportunity for companies to enhance the customer service experience by posting value-added content. Often, however, their only involvement is to monitor what customers are saying about them on social media.

How to Save a Relationship with a Customer When Things Go South

Sometimes, being an entrepreneur isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When I left my 9-5 job, it was to pursue the ultimate freedom...

The Review is In

Last week we explored how customers have taken to the web, social networks and review sites when they have something to say about a...

How Being Available 24/7 Can Improve Your Business

When do consumers want something? Right now. When do they need your attention? 5 minutes ago. People don’t check their watches to see if...

Why Are You Afraid of Your Customers?

Do you find yourself reluctant to touch base with customers because of fear of what you might find? Do you think that no news is good news? When you think about reaching out, do you ask yourself, "What if something is broken?" or, "What if they ask a question I can't answer?"

The Customer’s Taste Buds Are Always Right

When I tasted the Greenwich Pizza "Garden Delight" in the Philippines, my taste buds got a shock! The pizza was covered with sweet tomato sauce and the cheese on top was cheddar.

Managing Customer Service Blunders Professionally

One thing I've learned over time... things will definitely go wrong with customers, no matter how much you work to avoid them. The key to small business marketing and branding success is how you professionally manage the blunders.

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