How to Overcome Brand-Killing Customer Service Glitches

Most of us have experienced them… customer service glitches. Those nasty technological boo-boos that make us want to scream! Now, place yourself in your customers’...

25 Amazing Customer Service Statistics

Here are some customer service statistics that demonstrate the power of a positive customer service experience.  Note each statistic is provided with a reference...

Five Steps to Managing Complaints on Social Media

Social media is a customer service tool that has great potential beyond what most companies are currently using. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter offer the opportunity for companies to enhance the customer service experience by posting value-added content. Often, however, their only involvement is to monitor what customers are saying about them on social media.

How Weak Leadership Impacts Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is foundational to the success of your organization. As a customer experience expert, and as a customer myself, I have seen my fair...

What is Better Than a “WOW” Experience?

Many companies are looking for ways to delight the customer or provide the customer with a "WOW" experience. There are many marketing research organizations that provide all sorts of metrics to demonstrate how the customer experience is improving.

CSAT vs CES: Does It Matter?

Many commercial businesses that provide after-sale services seek ways to improve customer loyalty through their customer service organizations. In addition, companies want to utilize...

How to Deliver Excellence: It Isn’t an Accident

I’ve never met a business owner or leader who didn’t want the employees of their organization to deliver excellence. And the truth is most...

Customer Zombies

A recent study from Colloquy found that more than 50% of customers who initiate a loyalty program failed to return. Customers become zombies when they lose interest in the company, product or service.

5 Steps to Turn a Negative into a Positive Customer Experience

A negative experience often means the customer goes elsewhere with their business—and often they tell their friends. So each lost customer means more than...

The “Drop Dead” Question for a Customer Survey

Sean Ellis, the marketing guru behind DropBox and other successes, advises clients that, "The most important question on a survey is, ‘How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?'"

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