Reward Success and Failure. Punish Only Inaction.

Reward failure? That may be a difficult concept for an executive. And there are limits of course. We wouldn't reward a failure to follow laws, or protect lives, or deliberate endangerment of the company or its people.

Why It’s Important to Engage Angry Customers on Twitter

Haven’t you ever tweeted about a poor customer experience, product, or service? I know I have. There’s something cathartic about sharing it in the Twittersphere. Well,...

Retirement Plan Options for Small Businesses

According to the US Small Business Administration, small businesses employ half of all private sector employees in the United States. However, a majority of...

Get Your Business Legal Ready for 2014

We've entered the home stretch of 2013 and the holidays are in full swing. The next few weeks will be hectic for everyone, but particularly for small business owners as it is easy to get overwhelmed this time of year. It's time to take a moment to stop and make sure your business is "legally fit" for 2014.

Tapping Into Our Creative Mindset By Pushing Past the “No”s

We tend to approach choices in black and white: "A" or "B,"this way or that way. You process choices this way because it's easier, simpler, and helps you finish this whole decision-making thing quickly.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Imagine this: your customer leaves your business and has a poor experience. Instead of telling your staff, she tells her friends on Twitter.

Why Proactive, Not Reactive, Customer Service Drives Brand Loyalty

A customer becomes loyal to a brand when he gains faith in it. Faith comes into existence when he receives more than just service. The...

Selling Fragile Products? 5 Tips for Shipping Them the Right Way

Whenever you box up and drop a package off at your local shipper, from that point on, you can only hope that the item will make it to its destination in one piece.

Go Agile with a Product Innovation Platform

Disruption is afoot in the manufacturing industry. But you already know that, whether you focus on consumer products or industrial applications. You also know...

How to Use Company Culture to Attract Top Candidates

As startup owners, my managing partner Andrew Fayad and I know too well the Catch-22 that can affect small companies. To excel, startups need...

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