3 Simple Steps to Help You Win the Customer Service Race

Excellent customer service is a hot commodity in today's challenging economic environment. One way is to treat employees the way you expect them to treat your customers—and each other.

How to Write Your First Help Wanted Ad

When you’re looking to hire new employees, you want to write ads for the open positions that will draw great candidates to your business. You want candidates who are both strong and fitting for what you’re looking for. An effective help wanted ad will help you successfully achieve these goals.

Stealing Time

It's a big issue within any company. With easy access to Internet shopping, games, social networks and more, employees are able to find many ways to focus on personal issues while at work, detracting from productivity and demonstrating a disrespect for the time paid for by their employer.

Contractors Must Really Be Independent

How many of us have “hired” independent contractors over the years, a bit worried over the gray area between employee and contractor as defined by the IRS? I’ve experienced the results of a wrong decision, and the IRS and state agencies are not forgiving in their pursuit of penalties, interest, and (most damaging) assessing a company with both employer and employee taxes when reclassifying the person as an employee.

A Year-End Customer Service Inventory: 5 Questions to Ponder

As we approach the end of the year and look forward to the next year of serving our customers and building profits, the following...

Big Data, Little Data: A Customer Experience Opportunity Waiting to Happen

Big Data is a collection of data so large and complex it becomes difficult to process. However, many companies embrace a different concept of Big Data. While the collection of data is broad, based on a large amount of information and customer feedback, these companies are able to filter through it to understand general customer behavior and trends.

Competency Builds Trust

Relationships are built on trust. And trust, in turn, is built on competency. You can build trust—and then relationships—with customers by highlighting your knowledge and skill in your industry. Showcasing your expertise demonstrates how much you have to offer to customers.

How Carta is Saving Mom and Pop Businesses

Have you ever stopped to think about exactly how much worked goes into getting the things we buy from the manufacturers to our homes/workplaces/bodies? It's truly mind boggling to contemplate exactly how complicated that work is and when you own a business that buys and sells things, I don't know if any of us can truly understand.

HR Solutions and Your Payroll Service

A great way to save yourself a lot of hassle is finding a payroll partner who also offers HR solutions. Even when payroll is taken care of, there are plenty of other human resources issues demanding attention, and the right service will take care of two birds with one stone.

5 Things That Are Keeping Your Business from Being More Efficient

Are your profits falling? Are your employees disengaged, unproductive or unhappy? Sometimes it is tough to pinpoint exactly what is draining time or resources for your company.

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