Words Have Value, Too!

A lot of time and energy is spent quantitatively analyzing the results of surveys. The survey may be based on metrics such as customer...

5 of Steve Jobs’s Biggest Mistakes

It's a great disservice to everyone, especially young people, that the stories that we often hear about the most accomplished entrepreneurs sound so effortless. Despite what we may have read, Steve Jobs was no different. Here are five of Jobs's greatest mistakes, all of which history shows he ultimately learned from.

How to Establish a Culture of Excellent Customer Service

Today, many organizations strive to inculcate a culture of excellence. Enhancing awareness about the importance of high quality customer service throughout the enterprise helps...

Creativity and Clutter: Friends or Enemies?

Does clutter affect creativity? I can give you quotes that say it does, and research that says it doesn’t. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence...

8 Myths That Can Inhibit Innovation in Your Business

Starting an entrepreneurial business, or maintaining the competitiveness of a mature business, requires innovation. Yet everyone I know seems to have a different perspective...

What Your Business Can Learn from 3 Tech Titans

When you think about the latest gadgets, specific companies likely come to mind. It's not solely because they manufacture all the gaming consoles, smartphones, and other tech-related toys you love, but because these companies are among the most successful tech titans in the world.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Business

Opening a business is as hard as it is fulfilling. As a future business owner you will need to take many precautions to ensure that your business will be lucrative. While a solid marketing strategy and insurance plan will not ensure that your business will have enough funds to operate, it will at least give you and your business a fighting chance.

What to Do if Your Employee is Convicted of a Crime

Having an employee who is convicted of a crime affects your business adversely, regardless of the circumstances. If the employee has committed a crime...

Cast Your Net Where the Big Fish Swim

This is one of those “My dad used to say” homilies. You’ve probably heard the accompanying “It takes just as much effort to sell a small deal as a big one,” over the years. The truth of this is more nuanced.

Employee or Freelancer: Which Does Your Business Need?

These days, having someone who works for your company in your office is less important than it once was. Instead of bringing the most convenient person to your team, you can focus on bringing the right person on board.

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