8 Key Principles to Keep Up with the Speed of Change

Things change so fast these days in business that your first priority as an entrepreneur is to stay current, by talking to customers, peers,...

Why Your Company Keeps Killing Big Ideas

Just after speaking at a conference last week, I was approached by a gentleman who introduced himself as a "newly minted and incredibly afraid chief innovation officer."

4 Ways to Maximize Productivity on the Road

Working from anywhere in the world is a wonderful perk of having a cloud-based office. You can travel to exciting destinations for work while effortlessly...

Not Saying “No” to a Customer

One of the hardest things to do is tell a customer they cannot have what they are requesting. Simply saying "no" sends the message that you are unwilling to listen or help. It ends the conversation and leaves the customer feeling angry that their concerns are not being heard and their desires will not be met.

Entrepreneurs: Employment Law is Not on Your Side!

Small companies most often scrape by with borrowed or invested funds, doing everything possible to grow and prosper with limited resources. So, it is...

5 Signs an Employee Deserves a Promotion

As a manager, one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have to do is select a person to promote. What if you choose the wrong person? What if you disrupt the positive atmosphere in the workplace?

When Watching Pennies Will Cost You Dollars

Do you ever come across a Facebook post and resulting thread of comments that makes you want to pull your hair out? Of course you...

5 Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Business Performance

Technology’s continuous advancements have torn apart the barrier between and among nations. Thanks to ecommerce, individual industries now operate their respective businesses within a...

Busyness is Not Productiveness

Somehow a packed calendar/agenda seems to be an indicator of our “success.” We live in a 7/24 world, we have more work than we...

How to Win in the Corporate Venturing Game

I like to use the line “the robots are coming” when I speak about the future. Lately I’ve noticed that it makes entrepreneurs smile...
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