3 Times Small Business Factoring is Right for Your Company

The success of many businesses depends upon how well they can manage working capital. Good working capital management ensures that small businesses can meet...

Can My Business Qualify for a Credit Line from the Bank?

One of my beloved business owners just asked, “Can my business qualify for a credit line from a bank, a traditional lender?” It matters because...

What Do Lenders Look At When Evaluating My Loan Application?

When you’re applying for a loan, it helps to think like a lender. That will make the application process simpler, give you a realistic view of your own chances of getting the funding you want, and help you identify steps that will make your business more lender-friendly.

Alternative Financing for Full-Service Restaurants

If your full-service restaurant has applied for and been denied a bank loan in the past, you're not alone. Historically, restaurants have been one of the riskiest industries for entrepreneurs to undertake and banks have always been weary of lending to them.

Bankers: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em, They May Affect Your Future

Let’s get right down to it. Your banking relationship can be like a great marriage or a bad trip to the DMV. In most...

Lending Solutions for Small Business Owners

Optimism is spreading across the industry, and many business owners are aiming to take advantage by hiring more employees, offering more products, and expanding to new locations. But when it comes to growing a business, owners often cannot rely on revenue alone to make it happen.

6 Reasons You Might Want to Get a Business Loan

The mythical American should be able to start a business purely through a combination of working hard, having the right attitude, and pulling up...

Preparing for a Small Business Loan

As busy small business owners, we don’t celebrate milestones enough. While the world may not know about the important steps you took before officially...

How to Get a Business Loan: What You Might Not Know

A lot of what it takes to get a business loan is common sense. Get your credit in order, be professional, and make certain you can provide your own investment. These seem like no-brainers, right?

Need a Cash Injection? Debt Financing May Be the Answer

More than anything else, running a business means managing your cash flow, regardless of how well your business is doing. And getting a cash boost every now and then is something every business could use.

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