The Basics of PCI Compliance

Depending on how many credit card transactions your business processes every year, you are subject to different levels of certification from the Payment Card Industry, or PCI. Compliance is achieved and maintained through important security measures.

5 Simple Steps to Get Paid Faster

A receivable cannot be used to help grow or sustain your business until it has been paid. Most reputable companies consistently pay on time; however there are some that just can't seem to stay on top of it, regardless of their good intentions. This article will give you some powerful tips to help you turn your invoice into a payment quicker, so you can reinvest it back into your company.

What to Do When Customers Don’t Pay

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a frantic new business owner. One of his clients—a very large company—had an outstanding invoice that was 90 days past due. Concerned and cash-strapped, he wanted to know what he should do.

5 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Company’s Finances for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, initial visions of sugar plums dancing in your head have likely made way for long shopping lists...

The Cryptocurrency Craze Has Slowed Down: What Should We Expect Now?

For anyone who has followed this fledgling industry for a number of years, 2017 was an impossibly crazy ride for the cryptocurrency space. Popular...

4 Critical Financial Activities for Business Survival and Growth

Every business has four areas that owners and managers must control to profitably survive and grow. Make sure you are tracking them and taking action when they are not trending the right way.

3 Pros and Cons of Using Mobile POS Systems for Your Small Business

It seems that with every new store I visit, I notice it more and more often: Businesses replacing the traditional point-of-sale cash register with...

How to Collect Your Overdue Debts

You didn't start your small business to be a bill collector, so none of this is anything you want to do. However, sometimes it becomes necessary. Don't shrink from your financial responsibility to your business.

Lowering Online Fraud to Lower Transaction Fees

Fraud risks are a significant driver of transaction fees, especially for merchants who process payments online. Merchant processors will assess your fraud risk exposure on a number of factors, and there are security measures you can put in place to reduce your transaction fees.

Go Where the Money Is: Be Ready for Universal Payments

There's no doubt that your business should be diving into the world of universal payments. I want to take a little step back this time out and look at the broader issue of "universal payments," which for my purposes will be mobile card readers and mobile wallets.

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