The Art and Science of Modern Invoicing

An invoice is more than just a receipt with a total at the bottom. It is a professional document that signifies the completion of a project or sales transaction. It is also the last impression you make on a client, so it is crucial that it is an accurate reflection of your company's brand and high standards.

Cash Flow Management Tips

Did you know that you could be showing a profit and still be going bankrupt? It's true. The definition of bankruptcy is running out of cash. Why are profits and cash flow often very different at a point in time? Here are five common reasons and what you can do about them.

How to Handle Customers Who Send Payments Late

It can be very frustrating when customers are not on time with your payments. Especially when you’re a small business just starting out, cash...

How to Deal with Late-Paying Clients

No matter what industry your business is in, you're bound to come across a client who's thrilled with your work, but never pays an invoice on...

Why Your Business Will Switch to E-Invoicing

In December a medium-sized business announced they would launch e-invoicing on New Year’s Day. While the company’s finance department was thrilled, their customers were...

What to Do When Customers Don’t Pay

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a frantic new business owner. One of his clients—a very large company—had an outstanding invoice that was 90 days past due. Concerned and cash-strapped, he wanted to know what he should do.

The Cryptocurrency Craze Has Slowed Down: What Should We Expect Now?

For anyone who has followed this fledgling industry for a number of years, 2017 was an impossibly crazy ride for the cryptocurrency space. Popular...

How to Make an International Wire Transfer

A Wire Transfer, also known as a Credit Transfer, is a type of electronic fund transfer from one individual or business to another. It...

Why Your Refund Policy Matters

"It was OK, except for the ending." Have you ever heard that said about a movie? It's a common review of movies that have great special effects, an outstanding cast and good action scenes, but mediocre endings. The last five percent of a movie can completely change a viewer's entire experience.

4 Different Payment Methods for Your Small Business

One method to maximize sales (and success) of your small business is to offer various payment options. By doing this, you are giving your...

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