What’s the Difference Between Angel Investor and VC?

I see this confusion a lot: People use the terms "venture capital," "venture capitalist," and "VC" to apply to any outsider investing in a startup. However, it's really useful to draw some distinctions in this area, between three important classifications: venture capital, angel investors, and anybody else.

Supreme Court: Employers Must Pay FICA Tax on Severance Pay

For years, employers and employees alike have been on the hook for FICA taxes on severance payments made to those who have been laid off by a company involuntarily. After some cases in lower courts questioned this requirement, the Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the longstanding IRS tax requirements on severance pay.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Trade Promotion

Trade promotion is a tricky subject because of the sheer amount of money that is at risk. Often, trade promotions will be the most expensive marketing tool that is used for the year and it has the potential to either make or break a company.

3 Things You Need to Have When Raising Money

Each of us has a list of things we look for early on when identifying whether we want to go to the next step in analyzing a plan. Come to think of it, these are good for challenging any business plan.

Financial Savviness

However idea-fueled your organization might be, entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore the significance of numbers. Maintaining a regularly updated set of financial data and forecasts will not only provide you with a clearer understanding of your business's performance but will also part a crucial role when seeking money from investors.

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Small Business’s Tax Bill

Tax season can be a very frightening time of the year for a small business owner. Technically, anyone who expects to owe more than $1,000 to the IRS in taxes is supposed to send in quarterly estimated tax payments, but for new startups especially it can be difficult to gather up the full amount due to pay.

Should You Scrap Commission for Your Sales Team?

Commission-based sales plans have long been standard in the sales industry. Many small business owners are reluctant to abandon them, believing the widely held opinion that salespeople are primarily motivated by money.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Anyway?

If you're just getting into a business, perhaps your first foray into entrepreneurial territory at all, you'll probably hear the words "merchant cash advance" at some point along the way.

The “Inciting Incident” and Investors

If you are a screenplay writer, you are familiar with the dogma of the inciting incident. In a movie, the inciting incident is the event at the beginning of the story which causes the hero's life to be completely transformed and irrevocably changed, and which makes the whole story unfold.

3 Key Strategies for Pricing Your Product

When we first launched Ministry of Supply, we sold our Apollo shirt for a whopping $128. Our price for the shirt then moved down to $88, back up to $108 and finally landed on $98.

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