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Tools to Build a Better Website

By: Karen Condor


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Although we are now in the second decade of the 21st Century, it’s possible that you have not built an influential online presence for your small business. This often happens when a small business, say a restaurant or a store, is doing so well that it doesn’t really see the benefits of investing in a robust website.    

While your business may have a small website and a few profiles on popular social media sites, you might view these online efforts as secondary because your primary offline operations appear to flourish anyway without needing the added momentum of an online presence. 

But if you’re not yet sold on the benefits of building a business online, then you’ll be in for a surprise should you decide to revisit your business strategy. A better website will take your small business to a new level.  

The best way to get serious about carving out a virtual empire is to use a good programming language for your web application design and develop the proactive habit of troubleshooting business problems as soon as they arise. Web applications are valuable tools that encourage viewers and prospective customers to interact with your site. These apps are integrated on the back end and make it possible to streamline purchases, reservations and collect valuable information to grow your business.

Build Your Web Application With the Right Hosting

Many iconic businesses, such as Airbnb, SoundCloud, and Shopify, use Ruby on Rails. So, if you want to expand the functionality of your online business, consider getting hosting specifically for Ruby on Rails.  

Ruby on Rails, also referred to as “Ruby” or “RoR,” is an open-source programming language that’s excellent for startups. As your business grows, Ruby will make it easier to scale up all your operations because it will continue to provide your website visitors with a seamless, user-friendly experience. 

Since 2004, Ruby has built thousands of web applications because of its unique features. For instance, this robust programming language offers clean coding. This could be a game-changer should you have any technical challenges down the road. 

Even if a programmer builds your web application without errors, it’s possible to experience unexpected problems later on. Should this happen, Ruby will save the day.  Because this language makes it easy to analyze both the beginning and the end of your code, errors are simple to spot and fix. 

Ruby will not only make it easy to maintain your website, but everything will run faster, too.  

Troubleshoot Business Problems When They Occur 

Rather than tolerate business problems, fix them as soon as they occur. This will prevent a dangerous situation from getting worse. 

For instance, if your website revenues are far lower than expected, your metrics might show you that recent visitors spend little time on your website. You can figure out why visitors are leaving your website by using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a series of steps to use data about visitor behavior to figure out ways to engage better to reach your marketing goal. 

The Benefits of a Successful Small Business Website

One common reason successful small business owners do not invest more effort in building a virtual business alongside their brick-and-mortar business is that technology is both baffling and time-consuming. But, as a business owner, it will be well worth your time, money, and effort to hire the right technical talent to build and run your website.

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Having a website for your small business will enhance the credibility of your small business, reduce any unnecessary small business costs, and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of your customer service.    

A robust website will make it easy for your customers to access your business at all times and open it up to a much larger market. An online presence will create a significant return on your investment because it is an affordable and effective way to market your products or services while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.

Building out your online business should not be at the expense of not building your brick-and-mortar business. When working to build your business, focus on both building your brick-and-mortar business and your online business.

Published: December 1, 2020

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