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Increase Conversion Rate Right Now with These 5 Tactics

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Increase Conversion Rate Right Now

Converting prospects to customers is part art and part science. As consumers are fickle, what they want or need to make a purchase today may be dramatically different tomorrow. Therefore, it is critical that you know what it takes to respond to consumer needs if you want to turn site or landing page traffic into more sales and more money for your organization.

How to Convert Leads into Customers with Good Content

All of your digital sales efforts should start with good content. Ideally, you will sell the customer on the benefits of your product or service as opposed to the features it has or how great your company is. At the end of an infographic, listicle or video, the reader or viewer should feel compelled to take action or be ready to share the content with others. Remember, the best content is short, concise and actionable. This means showing instead of telling whenever possible and adding a call to action at the end to tell the prospect what he or she should do.

Converting Leads to Sales by Limiting Choice

If your goal is to get people to your landing page, you don’t want to overwhelm the potential customer with too much information. Instead, the only thing that a prospective customer should be able to do is opt-in to your email list to contact later, call for more information or actually make a purchase. By keeping your landing pages short and simple, customers will know what to do and have what they need to take action with ease.

How to Increase Conversion Rate Through Good Content and Feature Placement

One way to learn how to improve conversion rate, take a look at how your site and content are designed. If you don’t have an opt-in box at the top of your page or have a way to drive phone calls at the top of your page, you are missing out on an effective way to gain more conversions and make more money.

Also, you should have live chat on your site to make it easy for a customer to talk to a representative and have his or her questions answered quickly. In fact, you should make it possible for customers to use live chat to actually make a purchase if they have made the decision to do so.

While that customer may still opt to go through the normal checkout process to complete the sale, you don’t want to risk an abandoned cart for any reason. Once the sale is made, you should offer email confirmation of the transaction in case there any questions about it in the future.

How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers Through Good Branding

If you are looking into how to increase website conversion in an effective and consistent manner, you may want to look at your branding strategies. There are a variety of conversion marketing tactics that you can use to make sure that your customers can quickly ascertain who you are and what you do.

For instance, you could have customer testimonials talking up how great the service is or how the product changed people’s lives. You may also want to post pictures of any awards that you have won or any other accolades that the company has received. This helps build credibility quickly and can lead to more sales and visibility for your business.

Conversions Are Easier to Get When the Site Works Properly

Do you know how long it takes for your site to load? Do you know if there are any links that are broken or don’t go where you say they will go? Although these may seem like minor details, they can frustrate your customers and make them lose faith in your ability to deliver a quality good or service. Remember, those who have a negative experience will tell everyone about it, which means you have a responsibility to deliver to everyone whether they have come to your site before or if it is their first experience with your business.

Last Thought

Ideally, every person who comes to your site will make a purchase or otherwise indicate an interest in developing some sort of relationship with your company. While this isn’t possible, there is plenty that you can do to capture as large an audience as possible. To do this make sure that your site works properly, is designed properly and caters to your target customer at all times.

Author: Gigi Wara is a professional writer, working closely with many aspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs from various companies. She currently works as a content writer for Web123, a web design company for small businesses. Find her @GGRarekind.

Published: July 26, 2016

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