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How to Find the Right E-Commerce Platform for Your Business




There are many would-be entrepreneurs that want to build a lifestyle business, but unfortunately don’t know where to start. And there are tons of startup blogs out there that give tips about how to get started and why you should break away from the 9–5, but unfortunately, most people are at a loss when it comes to concrete next steps to follow.

One of the most important steps, of course, is figuring out which platform to sell your wares on. That’s why, at Ecommerce Rules, we decided to analyze the 9 types of would-be e-commerce entrepreneurs and recommend the perfect e-commerce platform for each one.
From retail entrepreneurs to tech founders to stay-at-home moms, this infographic analyzes the drawbacks and benefits of the major e-commerce platforms—and which one is right for you:
This infographic was created by the team at Ecommerce Rules and originally appeared on their website.
jun-avatar-largeJun Loayza is the President of Ecommerce Rules, a company that helps entrepreneurs build a lifestyle business through drop-shipping. In his startup experience, Jun has sold 2 internet companies, raised over $1 million in funding, and lead social media technology campaigns for Sephora, Whole Foods Market, Levi’s, LG, and Activision.
Published: June 10, 2013

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