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4 Things That May Be Slowing Your Company’s Delivery Time

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4-things-that-may-be-slowing-your-company-s-delivery-timeShipping is one of the most important steps in making and keeping a customer. While some things may be out of the company’s control, there are plenty of steps the company can take to ensure their product or service is always delivered on time. Being fast is the key to a happy customer, but using proper methods and delivering quality service and products is the key to long term success.

Having a slow but steady shipping pace is not only good for you and your employees, it helps to eliminate human error as well. Simply slowing down to a practical pace allows you to be more precise and think about what you are doing. This means less backtracking and more comfortable workers.
Unreliable Supplier
Just because a supplier offers you the best bulk rate, that doesn’t mean they are the ones best suited to meet your needs. Some companies are well-known for their sudden delays, which can slow your delivery time significantly. Most customers are willing to pay a slightly higher price to ensure their product gets to them quickly. Explore different carriers so that you know the quickest method and get a fair price.
Unorganized Production Line
Production lines can be a very effective way to get products out of the warehouse and into the customer’s hands. Like any assembly line structure, when one person doesn’t understand their job or does it incorrectly, everyone slows down. Make sure to plan out every step of the assembly, packaging, and delivery well in advance in order to avoid potential disruptions.
Poor Coordination
When dealing with shipping and deliveries, it’s easy to lose track of a few in the process of managing thousands of others. For quality and customer loyalty’s sake, this should never happen. Make sure you have constant updates on the status of each delivery you make and are able to track the progress of an order without issue. If you use a third-party shipper, hold them responsible for reporting to you any issues or delays they encounter when delivering your product. If your company does its own deliveries, or manages a fleet, be sure your fleet is in constant communication and is taking advantage of the all methods and technologies used to manage fleet operations. Don’t wait until there is an issue to figure out how to solve it—have a contingency plan ready in the event of shipment delays, losses, or quality issues.
By being mindful of these four potential issues with your delivery system, you can improve customer satisfaction and create a less stressful fulfillment process. With careful planning, you can speed up your company’s delivery times and production rates with little effort. Once your methods are perfected, you will be surprised at how much more efficient and successful your shipping process becomes.
Author: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. She writes often on business, web design, and eCommerce. For information on enhancing vehicle fleet operations, she credits ARI® and NAFA® Fleet Management Association.
Published: March 12, 2014

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