Should You Commit to an Office Lease?

Always true: Rent your first, next, or continuing office with caution.  Several years ago and before COVID’s changes, I became involved with a Southeast Asian company looking to expand into the United States.  During the discussions with the CEO about hiring North American managers, he made it clear that he wanted us to find a first-class office…

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Remote Operations: Managing Teams and Processes From Afar

Four people working in a conference room with one employee on zoom.

In today’s digital age, the concept of remote work has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. Industries worldwide are embracing remote operations, navigating the complexities and leveraging the opportunities it presents. This shift demands effective strategies for managing teams and processes remotely, ensuring productivity and cohesion despite physical distances. The Rise of Remote Work…

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Habits Your Business Should Adopt in 2024

a lightbulb above a meeting emphasizing bright ideas in business

The year 2024 will bring business owners increasing competition, rapid advancements in technology, and an evolving remote workplace. To stay ahead of these challenges and succeed, check out the essential habits your business should adopt in 2024. Checking in With Clients Consistently Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Ensuring client satisfaction and fostering…

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How To Hire Remote Workers For The First Time

If you find yourself looking to hire remote workers for the first time, you’re not alone. There are lots of businesses that are venturing out into remote working recruitment for the first time, rather than simply forcing their office staff to do it during the pandemic. Recruiting remote positions is something that needs careful planning…

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What’s Your Remote Management Style? Ask These 4 Questions.

A few years back, I was sitting across from a colleague at an off-site team meeting, an important ritual for a fully remote company. The debate began: Which was better? Working from home, or working from anywhere? I shared my penchant for afternoon work sessions at a newly discovered cafe, and my colleague boasted about…

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Why Are Remote Workers Turning to Digital Nomadism? 

a remote worker

Only a couple of years back remote work was considered shady by many traditional employees. The fact that today it is a norm (or, at least, part of the norm with hybrid work models) speaks volumes about the rapid changes taking place in the business environment. What’s more, people who originally used to rely on…

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How to Maintain Employee Satisfaction With Remote Work

The most important asset any business has at its disposal is its employees. Without our employees, the whole operation would fall apart; they are the lynchpin, the cornerstone of work; without them, your business would just be an idea with no one to see it come to life. Photo by Alexandra Koch on Pixabay Hence…

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7 Tips for Being a Successful Remote Team Leader

a team lead discussing strategy with his remote team

Supervisors not used to remote work discovered during the pandemic that managing remote teams requires an entirely different approach. This is neither good news nor bad news — it just is. For one thing, the supervising thing may be difficult for managers used to popping in often and keeping an eye on the workflow. Remote…

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8 Essential Tips For Remote Team Management in 2022

There have been increased difficulties for managers trying to keep their teams productive and pleased as more work is done remotely these past few years. However, if given the correct tools and resources, managing remote workers successfully may be less difficult, tremendously gratifying, and result in a happy workforce for all. To make things easier…

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5 Top Traits to Look for in Remote Workers 

When you need to hire a remote worker, it can be tough to determine which criteria will help you choose the right candidate. The same principles used to hire in-person workers simply don’t apply to remote workers. There are certain soft skills that remote workers need to be successful and support a company’s productivity.  In…

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