How to Protect Your Business Assets

sorting through medical charts

In the complex world of commerce, safeguarding your business assets is as essential as growing your business. Protecting these assets against various risks is vital for the longevity and prosperity of your enterprise. From physical assets like property and inventory to intangible assets such as intellectual property and brand reputation, a proactive strategy can help…

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What is a Record of Employment (ROE)?

When a Canadian employee receiving insurable earnings stops working for seven consecutive days, they experience what’s called an interruption of earnings. Employers are required at this point to issue a Record of Employment (ROE) electronically or by paper. In this article, we’ll talk about exactly what’s on that ROE and the situations that require them.…

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Small Business Recordkeeping 101

Maintaining business records is a must for any small business. Keeping good records ensures that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, and that you’re prepared when tax time rolls around. Many businesses have experienced crippling issues that compromise business success when they ignore basic recordkeeping practices. Here’s a primer on small business recordkeeping and why…

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