Here’s What to Look for When Modernizing Your Legacy Software

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In today’s changing corporate world, updating your old applications and system infrastructure is vital to boost business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moving to contemporary, agile technologies means fewer system failures and more employee productivity. Modernizing your legacy software eliminates potential vulnerabilities and technological debt for the security department, which cybercriminals use to access intellectual property…

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What is Nutanix AHV and Why You Need Nutanix Backup

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Large enterprise infrastructures can pose management challenges due to their complexity. The problem is especially relevant when you need to ensure that multiple data centers in different locations work together smoothly and seamlessly. Hyperconvergence helps to solve this problem. In this post, we describe the what, why and how of Nutanix – one of the…

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You Need These 4 Essential Elements to Streamline Your IT Infrastructure

Few things are costing today’s companies more money and wasted time than outdated IT infrastructure. Despite how important tech has become in the contemporary economy, too many businesses are unwilling or unsure of how they should go about modernizing and streamlining their digital infrastructure. Luckily for those companies that have yet to make the leap…

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3 Trends Changing the Future of Infrastructure Investment

The world wants more infrastructure—a lot more. Whichever forecast you read, the numbers are staggering. By 2020, China will have completed installation of 31,000 miles of high-speed rail networks. By 2030, homes will need to be built to accommodate an additional 165 million urban dwellers in India. And by 2040, 4,400 GW of additional power-generation capacity will need to be created…

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Growing a Business with the Cloud

Before the cloud came, starting a business was a risky move—you needed to do extensive market research and invest a considerable amount of money in infrastructure alone, and if you happened to get your research wrong, or business simply didn’t go the way you planned, bankruptcy was almost imminent.
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Are You Prepared for Your Data Center Design?

Your data center is the core of office functionality. It is critical that your data center design and liquidity are 100 percent operational every day of the week. During the next five years, nearly half of all IT departments will face a data center build or significant upgrade.
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