Maximizing Your Influence in the Digital Age


One of the things that freedom enables is various kinds of influence. Anyone can become an “influencer” today: with a phone, a social media account, and an idea to promote, you get an influencer. The internet is so full of them that it has even become a career: Social Influencer, YouTube Influencer, Digital Influencer, and many more. But…

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8 Best Ways to Generate More Attention for Your Company

Are you thinking about the best ways to improve your business? If so, then you might want to start with the goal of getting more attention for your company. There are plenty of businesses online and offline that don’t see nearly as much attention as they deserve. You can have a great quality of product…

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10 Strategies for Building a Business with Influence

Successful entrepreneurs often start with a “random” idea, but they quickly focus their efforts and follow a “system” to organize their startup and maximize the clout of their activities. Too many entrepreneur “wannabes” never get past the idea stage, or strike out randomly in many directions, hoping that their passion will convince people to follow…

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