Exploring Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Experienced Engineers

an engineer working on a new project

Experienced engineers have important and highly specialized skill sets that are integral to a wide variety of industries. For this reason, experienced engineers are highly sought after and typically command lucrative salaries. However, finding employment at a company is far from the only career path available to engineers. In fact, these highly skilled professionals are…

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Long Term Consequences of a Destroyed & Compromised Job Market

With millions of people unemployed as a result of public health measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become obvious that the job market is never going to be quite the same again. Some economists have taken to saying that the labor market as we know it is all but destroyed. Approximately 7.5 million business…

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How to Attract Talented Engineers to Your Fledgling Business

Getting a fledgling business off the ground requires capital and talent. Hiring talented engineers to work at a startup can seem next to impossible, especially when a small business is competing against the juggernauts like Facebook or Google. Just because it’s difficult does not mean that it is impossible. Don’t Compete with the Big Guys…

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