Choosing the Right Time Clock Software for Your Business Needs

As a business owner with various employees, it is crucial to keep track of your employees attendance and working hours. Time clock software can help you do this in an organized way. However, though the major feature of time clock software is real time reporting, you must determine other features required for a successful employee…

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Signs Your Employees Aren’t Trustworthy

an untrustworthy employee spying on another employee

In an ideal world, all business owners could leave the everyday management of their businesses in the capable hands of their employees. While some certainly can do that, many worry their employees aren’t trustworthy enough. Trust can be built over time. Still, you may worry about your ability to maintain a healthy working environment and…

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8 Ways to Ensure Employee Safety in the Workplace

an injured employee

As a company, it’s your duty to ensure employee safety in the workplace and their overall well-being. With a healthy and safe workplace, the workers get motivated, raising productivity levels. The benefits also spill to the employer’s side through lower healthcare costs and reduced absenteeism. In today’s demanding and fast-paced business world, such a worker-centric…

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Corporate Dining Services: Making Mealtime Easier for Businesses

a business woman enjoying a delicious meal

Corporate dining is quickly becoming a necessity for any business looking to increase efficiency and keep employees happy. With convenience, affordability, and customizable options, corporate dining services are allowing more businesses to provide meals for their staff in a way that makes sense for the company. But, with so many providers out there, the task…

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4 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Full Potential


Do you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your employees? You’re not alone. Most business owners feel like they could be doing more if their employees just had a bit more potential unlocked. Luckily, there are four keys to unlocking your employees’ full potential that can help make this happen! This post…

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Protect Your Employees’ Rights With These 8 Tips

Protecting workers’ rights should be at the top of every small company owner’s priority list. Various laws enacted to promote fair and equal protection for all employees give the direction required to educate companies and employees on the relevance and value of good employee treatment. Image credit  Emphasizing employee rights benefits employees and businesses by…

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3 Actionable Ways to Promote Worker Well-Being

two workers happily celebrating success

Running a business is a steep learning curve, but one of the things that you likely learned early on is that employees are the beating heart of your business and central to its success. Having the best team to help bring your vision for your business to life and to ensure it runs efficiently on…

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