Are You Selling Intuitively?

making a sale intuitively

Have you ever experienced talking about an opportunity, a situation, or strategy with a very high performing sales person?  Or been with someone dealing with a very complex deal, and all of a sudden they come up with the right answers, or strategies?  Or that individual that just seems to always have the right answers…

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Customer empowerment? Blame the Internet.

Customer empowerment is moving so fast nowadays that many of us are running to just catch up.  Yet if we don’t or can’t, it is a sure thing that someone else will. Yes, we can blame the Internet for this.  But don’t close your eyes to the fact that your customers have grown to expect your…

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Relationship-Based Selling: How to Get Started


Each time I shop at a farmer’s market and find out that I was sold rotten fruit, I feel frustrated. I remember the vendor being extra nice and realize it was fake. But instead of running back to this vendor, I wonder why they chose to sacrifice their reputation, while a little bit of good…

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4 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Customers Connections


If you’re a business owner, you know how important your customers are to your success. Whether your customers are regular or occasional, creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced connection with each one is important. However, this doesn’t just happen on its own. As with all solid connections, they need to be nurtured and set…

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Increase Customer Retention & Revenue in Challenging Times

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you should always be ready for the unexpected. Not only have we seen how a pandemic like Covid-19 could shut down the world, but also millions of businesses in the process. For many small business owners around the world, right now is a live or die moment,…

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3 Ways to Turn Around Your Marketing Strategy

Have sales stalled, or are you struggling to attract attention online? Competition is fierce, and it can be incredibly difficult to convert leads. If you’re finding it difficult to bring new customers in, or your marketing campaigns are falling flat, here are some tips to help you turn your fortunes around.  Analyze your performance continuously…

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What’s Important To Your Customer?

We know our solutions have to create value for our customers. The challenge, however, is making sure that value we create is important to our customers. Too often, we focus only on the cost of our solution. We compete on the basis of price, too often making sure our price is less than those of…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Relationships

Customers are the backbone of any business. Without them and their loyalty, where would your business be today? Take a moment to think about that. It is easy to make a once-off sale to any John Doe, but if you really want your business to thrive, you need to know what it is that makes…

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5 Important Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use a CRM System

CRM, or customer relationship management, is all about the middle word: “relationship.” Building and maintaining client relationships is a vital key to success for small business owners. CRM software allows small business owners to manage and nurture those relationships, by tracking customer interactions, showing trends and helping guide future decisions. If you’re a small business…

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