4 Killers of an Innovative Culture

Creative young business people examining prototype in meeting

In the corporate world, innovation is the Holy Grail. Yet it’s often suffocated by a company’s own culture. In a recent survey, we found that 40% of innovators rated culture as their number one obstacle, one that’s difficult to overcome. Let’s explore four killers of an innovative culture. Which cultures are the worst offenders? And…

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Effective Leadership Through Listening

man listening to team of workers

Between sports, media, and business, I’ve gotten to spend my time around a lot of different types of leaders. Some of the earliest examples were coaches, and many of them fit the classic stereotype by yelling and screaming in our faces about what we should and shouldn’t do. I never liked that style of leadership. It’s…

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Leadership Lessons I Learned From Sports

Male coach standing on field watching team

Today I want to share some of the biggest leadership lessons I’ve learned from the world of sports that you can bring to your teams. One of the reasons that people love professional sports so much is that they are such a perfect window into the rest of our lives. All the pressures and challenges…

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Strategies for Success: A Guide To Managing a Healthcare Facility

hands on a keyboard

In the demanding field of healthcare, effectively managing a facility not only ensures smooth operations but also significantly impacts the level of care provided to patients. With the healthcare landscape ever-evolving, facility managers must adapt and grow to meet these challenges head-on. Embracing innovative strategies and practicing proactive management can significantly contribute to a facility’s…

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6 Ways Leadership Has Evolved in 2022

a leader strategizing

The year 2022 is a specific moment in time in more ways than one. The platitude “business as usual” has got a whole new meaning, too. Well, it’s not like changes don’t happen all the time, but developments have become too swift of late. What with remote work taking big strides and people looking for…

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5 Ways to Overcome Startup Hurdles

a start up owner worried about the future

Running a startup is never a walk in the park. There are lots of challenges you overcome in order to create a situation that’s a lasting success. You’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of these issues and that you’re able to overcome the hurdles that are in front of your business if you’re…

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Why Building a Culture of Compliance is So Important

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work (about one-third of our lifetimes). Most of us look for some sort of trade-off for the hours we give to our companies, like a paycheck or personal fulfillment. But what is the main benefit workers look for from their employers — and how can we use that…

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5 Tips on Establishing an Inclusive Work Culture

Businesses that embrace diversity have come to realize the benefits of the practice. With so many different viewpoints and past experiences, they can truly thrive by employing best practices. So far, so obvious. However, the other side of the coin is that too many different experiences suddenly joined together can implode to create a toxic…

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