Free Funded Forex Accounts: The Jumpstart for Prop Trading Success

a graph of international currency values

At least once in their trading journey, forex traders find themselves navigating the intricacies of various terms which are crucial in understanding the forex market. Chief among these is the area of free funded forex accounts. Here, we dive deep into the finer details of this financial ecosystem, unraveling the significance of welcome bonuses, exploring…

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How Can a Small Business Access Low Cost Capital?

Small business optimism continues to edge up as the halfway mark of 2017 approaches. To gauge confidence, the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey presented data from interviews with more than 10,000 small business owners across America. Most firms expressed positive expectations for 2017 similar to those they held for 2016 with a net 61% expecting…

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How to Collect the Capital to Start Your New Business

The hardest part about starting any business is getting enough money to get your business off the ground. Ideas for new businesses are a dime a dozen, but getting needed funds can be difficult. For this reason, potential business owners should take the time to examine the amount of money they will need at each…

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Angels and VCs: Don’t Be Greedy Even if You Can

Sometimes the end game or sale of the company is not a happy event for the early investors, including the entrepreneur or the founders. Especially when outside investors, venture capitalists or angels have put in substantial money, and the sales price is not enough to give them a reasonable return for the time and money invested,…

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Why VC Funding Might Not Be for You


It’s an exciting time for startups and aspiring business founders. With investors pumping so much money into the industry it’s easy to see why. We’re hearing more and more about “unicorns” valued at more than a billion dollars and companies spending enormous sums to acquire other businesses. The numbers look amazing. But not all funding…

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Can You Finance Your Company with Grants?

There are some grants available even for one person shops, from cities, corporations and even non-profits for just your type of business, especially if you support a social cause, can employ more people, or help turn around a geographic area in need of upgrade.
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