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Where Do Powerful Ideas Hide?

By: Jania Bailey


Inspiration. It seems abundant one day and scarce the next, its unreliable tendencies taunt you constantly and it’s starting to show in your business. Take a moment and try this: stop obsessing over the need for a new idea, back away from your desk and take a walk. Powerful ideas are not hiding, they definitely aren’t avoiding you and their ability to strike fear into your heart ends now.

Inspiration is wild and trying to tame it defeats the whole purpose! The awe and wonder you feel after listening to a symphony wasn’t jotted down 20 minutes earlier, “to be felt later at the symphony.” The vibrant purples and pinks of a sunset don’t glow by appointment. Instead, you pause because it strikes you immediately and disrupts your routine in the best way possible. The connection between the two is the lack of control you have in their existence. Your mind is genuinely inspired by the new sensory input, and this is what you must accept about inspiration. It is literally all around you and cannot be planned or controlled.
Does this mean there’s no hope for your business? Certainly not! If you need more innovation, the best thing to do is cultivate an environment that will encourage these bursts of inspiration. Have creativity-boosting sessions with enticing visuals, office games/exercises and brainstorms. This will undoubtedly change up your routine, and that is just what we want it to do! Don’t stress over how to make your company more appealing, start with the little changes. With the freedom of expression churning internally, your clients will quickly pick up on the differences externally.
The last step after you decide on something is to follow through. Change can be very uncomfortable, but use the support of your team and deliver on your promises. Also remember that you aren’t alone and your coworkers are priceless when it comes to freshening up your business. They spend just as much time involved with keeping the business running and have much to offer. Get together, toss around thoughts and change your routine and inspiration will surely follow.
This article was originally published by FranNet
Published: July 1, 2015

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Jania Bailey

Jania Bailey is president/COO of FranNet, North America’s most well-respected franchise consulting firm. Bailey sits on the board of directors for the International Franchise Association (IFA) and is a certified franchise expert. Her background includes over 25 years experience in the banking and franchise industries.  Bailey also authored the book, “Thriving – The Journey to Success in the Business World.” 

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