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Let Go of These 5 Things to Become a Successful Solopreneur

By: Carmen Jacob


Let Go of These Things to Become a Successful Solopreneur

Personal growth means to reinvent yourself. Change certain aspects and add something (new and more) to the many beautiful things you already are. That allows you to become the person you are intended to be: happy, prosperous, ingenious and thriving.

Self-improvement is not to be feared but embraced; not to be avoided but searched for; not to be forced upon you, but gently channeled to the right direction.

You’ll never be the same as you are today. And because of that, take this opportunity and start your success journey, your path towards happier times right now. There is no better moment to do it than right now; there is no better day to begin your journey to become a successful solopreneur.

Here are the most important five things to release to become a successful solopreneur:

1. Let go of self-doubt

You might ask: “I don’t doubt myself on purpose; it just happens, so how can I let it go?” Or maybe you have tried before to free yourself and, unfortunately, come back to torturing yourself with doubts.

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The evidence that you can let go of self-doubt is in your past. You have come a long way. You have walked a long journey that challenged you: obstacles, limitations, losses, disappointments and many other things and, through it all, you came out victorious, you are here.

2. Fear of failure

Most pictures you see are enhanced, modified, and made to look better: the subject, the scenery, the context. That should matter to you because these images are creating a fake reality, a reality that is unachievable.

When you want to accomplish something, first, you are making a mental picture of how you want things to look at the end. And, most times, take as a model the fake images you see all day long.

Based on your experience so far (comparing past accomplishments to the new image in your mind), you can clearly feel that what you want (the new image), exceeds what you could achieve. Consequently, you might fear even trying to get what you want; you fear to fail.

Conquer your fear of failure by:

  • Having reasonable expectations,
  • Set the standards for your success accordingly to your past victories,
  • Trust your ability to face what life throws at you (you have done it successfully so far!)
  • Understand that failing is not about you, it is about the method, process, the approach you tried to do things and try again in a different way,
  • Accept and embrace the fact that errors are part of life and learning.

3. Let go off criticizing yourself or others

Instead of indicating the flaws, shortcoming, and mistakes, point out what you and others are doing well, up to your standards and expectations.

Criticism can be the end of great relationships because no one enjoys being condemned and deprecated for a few minor failures when they have many good deeds as well.

4. Negative people and things

“Misery likes company.”

Negative people can drag you to the ground in silence and unnoticed. Most times, their negativity is not directed at you, but everything else. Therefore, you don’t take things personally and let your guard down. Pretty soon you find yourself having negative thoughts and emotions, mirroring what you’ve seen in those around you.

Negative thinking is contagious, but positive thinking is contagious as well. Therefore, choose to be infected by those people you want to be alike!

5. Fear of success

Would you be surprised to find out that more people fear success rather than failure?

We are taught from an early age: “keep your head down,” “don’t raise your head above the maze,” “be humble and modest,” “don’t forget where you come from.”

Those messages have an unexpected effect on many people: they fear success.

In their mind, success could mean to disobey those “life lessons”. Plus, success can feel like a burden when you add “take care of the poor,” “put others first,” “take the back seat.”

All those messages are positive and good advice in the hands of the right people, at the right time. Why? Because there is nothing more pleasurable in life, other than being altruistic, making a difference, being useful, helping others.

However, isn’t it overwhelming to think of others well-being/prosperity when you have nothing?

Listen, if you have a fear of becoming successful, know that success doesn’t come overnight, suddenly, unexpected. Success is a journey, and it takes long enough time to leave you room to adjust to it, to learn how to create a balance between what you keep for yourself and what you give away.

Now, do you want to grow as a person and become a successful solopreneur?


  • Trust yourself and be confident. If you (really) have to doubt something, doubt that you are not good enough (start doubting the negative things you believe about yourself).
  • Then, do your best and strive to achieve your dreams no matter how much time it takes you to get there.
  • Instead of criticizing yourself, get curious: “How can I improve? What other amazing things can I achieve?”
  • Surround yourself with positive people and enjoy life and your success.
Published: March 26, 2018

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