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Jump In: This Could Be the Year for Women Business Owners

There are more female entrepreneurs today than ever before. Now is the time for women to step up and show what they can do. Why are women exploding onto the business ownership scene? There are a few reasons. The most common are that they are looking for balance, and there is more help and support out there than ever before to help them do just that by opening their own business.

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Women know what other women want. Moms are a huge part of this burst of women business owners, in part due to the fact that these “mompreneurs” are looking for ways to make their lives easier, and when they find it they know other moms will appreciate it as well and be willing to pay for it. If it isn’t something new to make their lives easier, then they recognize the desire of many women to feel attractive and be surrounded by attractive things. They take this and create attractive options for items already in play such as aprons and day planners.
Not to say that women only create businesses that appeal to other women. This would simply not be true, but there is a huge opportunity out there for women in the knowledge that they have for what women not only want, but need. From selling premade meals so others can buy them and have a home cooked meal without having to do the cooking, to creating space and time saving systems for managing housework, or homeschool, or whatever fits in their own lives, women get what many women, specifically moms, are willing to pay for.
Now more than ever women have support and training designed specifically to help them create and run their own businesses. There are countless female professional organizations that offer webcasts and other types of training intended to help women learn what they need to in a way that fits in to their already busy lives. Many small business centers and even the Small Business Administration have programs created to specifically help women be successful at running their own businesses. There is definitely help available.
The startup business loans for women that are available are astounding. These funds are set aside for women and women only to cover start up costs for a small business. Half of the competition for getting these loans is eliminated when the male population is excluded from eligibility. The funds are still limited in many cases, but the fact is women can apply for small business loan open to everyone and those open only to women, which gives them far more ways to finance than there ever were in the past. There are SBA loans for women as well as some offered by female professional groups.

This article was originally published by Biz2Credit

Published: March 10, 2015

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