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How Entrepreneurship Can Promote Economic Development

How Entrepreneurship Can Promote Economic Development

The hallmark of an economically developed country is its high rates of employment, a lower disparity in incomes, high standard of living for every member of the society, better opportunities for learning, and development, to name a few.

Every country strives to gain economic development. One of the best ways for a country to achieve this is through its entrepreneurs. Business owners have a unique position in the economic wheel of a country. Without them, there would be an economic slowdown. Right from manufacturing to after-sale service, all industrial activities would be negatively affected in the long run. Innovations would be few and far between.

Considering the influence entrepreneurs have on the country, many governments offer incentives and benefits to graduates and qualified citizens who take up entrepreneurship for a living.

Impact entrepreneurship has on the economy

Job creation

While established companies are important cogs in the economic machinery, they can only have a limited impact in the long run. Unless new businesses are set up, there would be no employment creation. Qualified people without jobs would remain as they are as a result of lack of employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs create jobs. They give people a chance to earn a living. In economically underdeveloped countries, entrepreneurship is the elixir of development.

Promotes education, training and development

Job creation also stimulates the need for qualified individuals. Uneducated masses and untrained individuals would have no motivation to educate themselves without the prospect of a job. By creating jobs, entrepreneurs are encouraging youngsters and adults alike to seek quality education.

Innovation and technological development

Entrepreneurship brings with it the opportunity to do something new and unheard of. Every entrepreneur today is trying to provide creative, feasible, and sustainable solutions to real-world problems. Some bring in new technological changes in the field of Artificial Intelligence, while others improve the sustainability of business practices through product or process innovations. Whatever it is that they choose to do, every entrepreneur adds his/her own special flavor to the economic landscape of a country.

Stimulates competition

Entrepreneurship is a competitive game. Every business owner wants to outdo their peers. When there is competition in the market, there is also scope for greater creativity and faster industrial development. The scarcity of resources and limited market attention also encourage entrepreneurs to do their very best. All this also stimulates economic development.

Sourcing investment

Investors, foreign and domestic, are always on the lookout to find talented and driven entrepreneurs to invest in. The payoff is much greater in entrepreneurship than in established firms which seek to maintain their stability. Financial investments have a direct impact on economic development.

Sometimes, some entrepreneurs will have brilliant ideas, which are sure to give rise to employment opportunities and economic activity. But, they may lack the funds needed to make this a reality. Investors can help in these situations. All they ask for are passionate and committed individuals who are willing to see their ventures through to the end.

Published: August 16, 2017

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