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5 Ways to Make Your Office More Ergonomic

Ways to Make Your Office More Ergonomic

As a small business owner, you typically spend many hours sitting down at your office in front of the computer. With all mileage in your office, it is important to you make the space as conducive for productive as possible. This means ensuring that tools which you are constantly using are as ergonomic as possible. Here are a few items that you could make more ergonomic:


If you are still using a track pad on the laptop, try using a mouse instead. Highly efficient work is difficult to do only with a laptop track pad. The comfort of the mouse is important as well. Choose something that molds well to the shape of your hand so clicking on your computer will feel almost effortless. Bluetooth functionality is a nice bonus as well.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Many adults suffer from bad posture standing and sitting. This can lead to a lot of lower back problems that plague us for years. Avoid nasty back injuries by getting an ergonomic office chair that encourages proper sitting posture. This means a chair with proper lower back support. Invest in a chair best suited to your ergonomic needs.


Another tool that comes in all shapes and sizes is a keyboard. There are keyboards with different sized buttons and ones with backlight keys for typing in more dim environments. Find a keyboard that is more comfortable and ergonomic for you. Odds are likely that your small business requires you to do a lot of typing so you might as well invest in a good keyboard.

Standing Desk

Another option for optimizing productivity and good back health is a standing desk. These nifty desks allow you to stand while working to keep you alert and focused on the task at hand. Standing desks are also great for your lower back longevity. One of the reasons people get stiff and less flexible over time is because they spend so much time sitting. This can be avoided by standing while working.

Technology Support

If you are constantly arching your neck by looking down at the monitor all the time, you will be placing too much prolonged stress on your cervical spine. Technology support can help you by raising the height of laptops or monitors to a more suitable height. These items are a great addition to an ergonomic office space. You will be more comfortable to achieve the important tasks at hand.

After you have optimized your work space for better ergonomics, watch the improvement in efficiently and comfort. You will be thankful for having made those changes. Need an infusion of capital in order to invest in ergonomic office furniture and equipment, visit biz2credit.com. Our experts can help you secure all types of small business financing from commercial real estate loans and equipment financing to working capital and business lines of credit.

Published: July 6, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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