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4 Services You Need When Moving Into a New Office

Moving into a new office can be exciting, especially if you are opening a new business or expanding your organization. The problem is that the prospect of hiring more talented people and bringing in more business might take your attention away from services that should be in place for a successful business environment. Here are four essential services that that you will need when moving into a new office.

A Good Cleaning Service
When a client walks in and observes garbage cans overflowing, dusty furniture, and dirty restrooms, the reputation of your business is at stake. Unless you and your staff plan to clean every day after the office closes, it makes sense to hire a professional cleaning service. The service will perform agreed upon tasks that will keep your office space looking as clean and fresh as the day you leased or purchased it. Yes, you can do some cleaning on your own, but a professional service is absolutely necessary if you want your office to look its best.
Pest Control
That tiny issue in your wall could be an indication of a potential infestation. Pests need the same basics that humans need to survive—food, water and shelter. Pests are not just nuisances, they can inflict pain when they bite, some are poisonous, and others carry diseases. By contracting with a licensed pest control operator a business owner can assure that pest control measures will be implemented on an ongoing basis. EPA approved chemicals will be used to prevent pests from entering and kill pests that may already be in the structure. Effective pest control will maintain a healthy environment for your employees, while also preventing a potential insect disaster that might happen when a client visits your office or store.
Adequate Security
Having adequate security can prevent major financial losses and a business setback. The type of security needed depends on the operations. Businesses that handle data and personal information will need to make sure this information is protected. This means seeking the assistance of an information security professional who will protect all of your data and your computer systems. Securing the premises may only require good locks, a camera and alarm system, however, depending on the location and the purpose of the business, on site security personnel may be needed.
Dependable Building Maintenance
Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and heating systems will malfunction at some point. A business owner or director should determine who will provide maintenance and under what circumstances. If the space is being leased, check with the owner to see what is included. If you are purchasing the building, you will want to hire maintenance contractors who can address issues in a timely manner to avoid shutting down operations for long periods. Having a relationship with several different contracts will make it so that you can always get the help that you need, when you need it.
Published: December 4, 2013

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