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3 Ways to Save Time and Money Looking for Startup Loans

Finding loans to start a business can be time consuming and costly if you are not careful. While it does not usually actually cost anything to apply for a loan moneywise, it does cost time, and time is money. It takes time to find the type of loan you want, to find lenders that offer that loan, and even more time still to actually complete the application process. If you are rejected and then apply with another lender, even more time is spent.

These tips will help you find loans to start a business faster, meaning you get your business started and get on the road to making money faster as well.
Use Technology
Finding the right lender and the right financing product is no longer a matter of spending hours on hold with various banks while you speak to loan officer after loan officer about whether they have what you need, or whether you qualify for what they may have available. These days an internet search can narrow down the type of loan you are looking for and help you find lenders that offer that loan. Biz2Credit.com is the leading portal for small business lending. Many lenders on the platform allow you to apply online and return a response in 24 to 48 hours, or less!
Get the Business Plan Ready
While most lenders have their own application that potential borrowers must fill out, having several copies of a professional business plan ready to go can shave hours off of the application process. Even if they make you fill out the application, most of the information can be copied straight from the business plan, and some borrowers will even take it in lieu of those parts of the application.
Find Some Help
Biz2Credit helps match borrowers with lenders that have exactly what they need. A network of over 1,300 lenders uses Biz2Credit to prescreen borrowers, meaning when a borrower get a list of lenders from Biz2Credit, they know they are not wasting their time. In one simple step, entrepreneurs can have a list of lenders they are already matched with and completely skip the first step in finding loans to start a business. The company has business loan specialists who can provide free guidance on how to apply and speed up the process of securing funding.

This article was originally published by Biz2Credit

Published: July 1, 2014

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