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Walk This Way for More Business

Walk this way…to more business

There’s a reason supermarkets put the milk at the farthest reaches of the store: You need it.
This marketing approach (end-of-day rushers-in for that one item might call it a ploy) is proven to work because shoppers will undoubtedly grab another item or two (or three) on their way to or from the refrigerated section.
How can small business entrepreneurs take a page from this play book? Product placement trial and testing.
Place your more popular-selling items far away from the front door. This will allow you to showcase a wide variety of merchandise for regulars and prospective customers. Next, use prominent displays to catch their attention: lights, signage, balloons, directing buyers to the back of the store. Go with hues that stand out from the rest of your business’ color palette.
This strategy also works well with clearance items. Nothing says, “Step this way!” more than a big, old “SALE” sign.
While this strategy may not apply to restaurants or coffee houses, establishments such as these could consider creating a merchandise shelf featuring your specialties or related items, and set up this mini “shop” where people congregate most: near the bar (or barista), the waiting area, the restrooms, etc.
Product placement. Just another marketing tip to help your small business succeed.

This article was originally published by Biz2Credit

Published: November 14, 2014

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