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How One Cutting-Edge Company Uses Texting for B2B Follow-Up

By: Brian Mikes


How to Master the Art of the Follow Up

Today, I spoke with Dean who oversees the marketing efforts for corporatefinanceliability.com.

What’s interesting is Dean’s customer base. He isn’t texting consumers, he’s texting other businesses… specifically, other business owners.

You see, Dean and his company play an important role for small businesses. They are there to help if a business gets into financial trouble.

Many small businesses fall into a tar pit.

They take a business loan or merchant advance… and then they get into a bind. They can’t make payments and things quickly spiral out of control.

Bank accounts get frozen.

The problem gets bigger and bigger because interest rates are “Insane.

As Dean explained, this is a form of legalized loan sharking. And Dean and his crew are here to help… before the business collapses.

They step in and help negotiate work-outs and payment plans with creditors.

Many times, business owners don’t want to admit they are in trouble… so Dean spends a lot of time marketing his services.

Direct Mail is costly with postage and printing. Email is cheaper, but open rates are really low and not everyone is interested.

So, every lead that calls in is precious. When a call comes in, they always ask to text them follow-up information (in addition to sending regular mail and email too).

Remember, you only want to text people who have given you permission!

Anyway, some customers fill out applications, some are just looking for information… Dean does a soft follow-up via text… simply asking if they can help. The engagement rates have been fantastic.

People often text back questions or ask for more information… and Dean is quick to respond.

Texting is a critical component of our business.” Dean said.

What’s amazing is he found Betwext through a Google search.

I looked at a few services and tried one other, but Betwext was the best. Pricing was great. Better still, the system was easy to use… other texting services were clunky.”

Dean also mentioned that he has several texting numbers in his account and likes to use them all.

Would you recommend Betwext to others?

“For sure! Texting allows you to get ahold of people immediately and they always see your message… they don’t maybe see your message… they always see it.”

Dean went on to say…

“I’m on a number of texting lists for nearby restaurants and I’ll eat there if they text me… everyone is on their phone and sees text messages!”

Dean is right.

Americans are spending more and more time with their phones, and an estimate 93% of text messages are read.

This case study shows that texting isn’t just for Business to Consumer connections… but it also works for Business to Business outreach too.

If you’d like to learn more about Dean and Corporate Finance Liability, please visit their website, www.corporatefinanceliability.com

To learn more about Betwext.com and how texting can help your business please visit our website Betwext.com… or download our free report… The Ultimate Guide to Text Message Marketing.

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

Published: May 16, 2019

Source: Betwext

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