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How a Small Massage Therapy Business Uses Texting to Help Customers Relax

By: Brian Mikes


Texting to Help Customers Relax

We had a chance to sit down and talk to Julie of Gainesville Massage Therapy in Florida. She is running a small business and has worked hard to build her business from the ground up.

Julie is using text message marketing to send her clients discounts.

“I mostly use MMS when I send out my discounts!”

She was looking for a way to send longer messages. That’s when she learned Betwext offers both SMS and MMS Messaging.

MMS messages allow you to add a graphic, picture, or longer message in your text.

Julie talked about whether or not she should be sending a picture with her MMS messages. That was a great question, and one many other small business owners struggle with.

Our answer: TEST it!

Test your list to see what response you get with a picture and without.

Another way to engage with your customers is to reach out to your core group and ask them to respond with their thoughts and feedback. It is a great way to keep in touch with your clients.

We asked Julie how she found us, and her answer was surprising… she found us on Manta.

She then said, when asked about Betwext, “The price is right for my small business! I did not want a large expense when I was first starting my text marketing.”

That’s a response we hear often!

Julie had a great idea on how to get signups for her texting list… She put a little sign in a frame at the front desk and in all of the massage rooms asking customers to text in a specific keyword.

This allowed her to capture more contact information for her current clientele, and enabled future text marketing.

Keywords are a terrific way to help segment your lists. You can set them up easily and then follow-up with a specific set of messages to different types of clients.

For example, we all have clients looking for a discount. Ask them to text in “DEAL” and you can segment them on one list. Perfect for promoting slower days and to help keep your schedule full.

Engagement is always on a small business owners mind. Julie said she wants to spend more time in the front office promoting her business. Marketing is not a passive thing, you have to work it!

Betwext.com also offers scheduling for your text message marketing. You can spend a few minutes each month planning a weekly, or even daily, message to send out to your customer base.

Don’t overthink it, it doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. Keep testing and figure out what works for you and your small business.

Marketing is all about building relationships with your customers and communicating with them. Use Betwext.com to start building better communication with your clientele today.

If you’d like to learn more about Julie, or Gainesville Massage Therapy please visit their website, https://www.gainesvillemassagetherapy.com/.

To learn more about Betwext.com and how texting can help your business please visit our website Betwext.com… or download our free report… The Ultimate Guide to Text Message Marketing.

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

Published: June 24, 2019

Source: Betwext

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