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Christmas Lights Business Thrives Using Christmas Text Messages

By: Brian Mikes


Christmas Lights Business Thrives

Today, it’s officially 112 degrees in the desert, and the thoughts of sipping eggnog (spiked of course) by the fire, are dancing through my head. I know it’s still a long way off, but for some strange reason I’ve started thinking about Christmas!

Why am I thinking of Christmas?

Because I just interviewed Jonathan from AZChristmasLights.com…

He had some amazing insights about using Christmas text messages for his business, and I know some of these Ideas will help you.

About The Christmas Light Business

Jonathan’s business is an easy one to understand: he hangs Christmas lights for people. What he offers is something the do-it-yourselfer can’t do. He does installations homeowners can’t or won’t do themselves.

He fabricates the lights on site, so no out of the box lighting and no random wires hanging for his clients. He also uses a higher quality LEDs for his lights, giving the displays a much brighter look, and more depth of color.

The most amazing part of his business: He uses text messaging to communicate with prospects and customers.

How To Get Christmas Lights Via Text Message

Jonathan started using Christmas text messaging a few years ago for his business, and now he swears by it. He had one experience that really sealed the deal.

A few years ago, he was scheduling light removals, and he’d emailed a customer. She wasn’t checking her email, and was upset that the lighting team had interrupted her day.

Since then, he not only sends emails about installation and removal sessions, but they follow-up with text messages too. Customers love it!

But that’s not the only way they use text messaging.

Jonathan noted, as the holiday season approaches, it’s critical to stay “front of mind” with customers.

How does he do it?

Simply by sending a few emails and then using text messages to follow-up.

Here’s a Critical Text Message Marketing Tip: combine the text messages with other communication methods like emails, phone calls, or postal mail to improve response rates.

As the season approaches, Jonathan fires off a quick text to his VIP Customers first. In that text, he lets them know he’s booking installation times, and offering a discount for those that schedule early.

“Having a call to action in every text message is critical!”

He asks them to either follow a link to sign-up online, or gives them a phone number to call in and schedule a time. Of course some customers text back time requests too!

Personal Christmas Text Messages Deliver Results…

When it comes to marketing to prospects, Jonathan sends every prospect a link to a web form on his site He simply asks for updated contact information, and provides a free estimate in exchange.

Jonathan says to keep in the customers mind, he’ll send several Christmas text messages over a few days. One links to a video about his services. A second text message links to the Survey. Yet another gives them an incentive to install lights early in the year.

Jonathan says “People respond to incentives!” And I agree.

But the text messaging doesn’t stop there.

As the Christmas season starts to approach, oftentimes customers have questions about their lights. Most of the questions are about the light timers, how to set them, and how to change on/off cycles.

Instead of sending an employee out to handle the question, he simply texts them a link to a handful of YouTube videos he created answering all their questions.

This one text message is estimated to save Jonathan a $1,000 every month!

It’s amazing how critical Christmas text messaging has become for this Christmas light business!

If you’re thinking of getting Christmas lights for your house (and you’re in the phoenix/ metro area), reach out to Jonathan at AZChristmasLights.com… and if you’re thinking of using text message marketing for your own business… visit Betwext.com where you can get started for $10 in only 10 minutes!

Published: September 6, 2016

Source: Betwext

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