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Center Sphere: Using Text Marketing for Networking

By: Brian Mikes


Using Text Messaging for Networking

Recently, we had a chance to sit down and talk with Sarah from Center Sphere.

In case you’re not familiar with Center Sphere… they’re a “professional networking organization that is designed to help leaders and entrepreneurs grow networks through trusted and authentic relationships.”

I love it…

Here’s a great example of a company using texting for networking.

What I found most interesting about the Center Sphere story, is HOW they are using text messages to connect.

They clearly use the system to the fullest…

Sarah said this, “Every week we send out text messages. Reminders, inspirational messages, goal updates, promotions, and even renewals.”

To keep everyone connected, they regularly include links to blog posts and their website and provide tons of information.

One of my favorite uses… they send out a “Tuesday Tip”

Every Tuesday they text everyone a networking tip. It’s a great way to stay engaged… and they provide great content.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Sarah said something really interesting…

“We have 10 regions. Each region has its own set of lists. With Betwext, each region can add and remove names from their lists.”

“Betwext makes it easy to manage and create lists and add and remove clients.”

I asked what she liked best about the system and her answer was very straightforward…

“I like that I can include a link to the website right in the text message. When I send out renewal notices, the client can click the link in the text, and renew, right on their phone.”

I also asked about their other marketing efforts and of course they are using email marketing too.

Sarah says “Betwext is a value add for our members. It’s not used to replace, but in addition to our other marketing efforts, like email.”

One thing that sets Center Sphere apart from other marketers is their engagement rates… Sarah is constantly using the system to text people in groups, or one-on-one.

She always keeps an eye on the responses in the system. “I always see a new cluster of responses after sending out a message in Betwext.”

Better still is her consistent use of texting.

Sarah has created a system for organizing her outreach. She said it makes her more proactive. For example, she uses the Calendar feature to schedule out several weeks’ worth of messages.

She also takes full advantage of setting up individual keywords to segment users onto different lists.

Sarah said she loves “how she can stay ahead of customers at a moment’s notice.”

Would she recommend Betwext to other businesses?

“Absolutely! Betwext is a great way to market a business in the fastest and most simple way possible.”

She added, “there are no mailing costs and you don’t have to overthink it” and “it is easy to stay ahead.” Text Marketing is simple, fast and easy.

Betwext is great way to send texts FOR her clients whenever they need. She said Betwext has “operationally helped me set boundaries with my vendors…”

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah or Center Sphere you can go to their website at centersphere.com.

To learn more about Betwext.com and how texting can help your business please visit our website Betwext.com… or download our free report… The Ultimate Guide to Text Message Marketing.

Note: all case study participants received texting credit for their time.

Published: June 13, 2019

Source: Betwext

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