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4 Automated Marketing Strategies That Grow Revenue

By: Matt Baglia


Automated Marketing Strategies That Grow Revenue

Starting a small business can be thrilling and intimidating at the same time. Managing your financials, employees, company image and pushing sales can be overwhelming—leaving little to no time for marketing endeavors. If you own or operate a small business, automating your marketing can help drive traffic to your mobile site, increase brand awareness and promote overall customer loyalty. In fact, 80% of automated marketing saw an increase in leads and 77% reported seeing an increase in sales conversions. Automated marketing is on the rise, so why not get in on the trend and take your business to new heights?

Take a moment to identify what your business goals are for the coming quarter or year and then identify the best methods of automated marketing for your company.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here are four automated marketing strategies to help you get there.

1. Abandoned cart text messages

Abandoned carts occur when customers add items to their cart on your website and fail to complete the transaction. Over 70% of ecommerce carts are abandoned, making this one of the most pressing issues in ecommerce. Incomplete mobile purchases present an opportunity to reach out to customers via text message, reminding them of the items they were considering and encouraging them to complete their transaction.

A simple reminder can convert abandoned carts to sales, helping your business get back on track. Statistics show as many as 58% of abandoned carts can be recovered by sending a text message.

2. Email welcome series

After someone subscribes to your email list, capture their attention with a warm welcome email. First impressions are important opportunities to impress your clients. Use a welcome email to show your audience that you value their business and can provide personalized attention to address their needs. According to a study done by Statista, over 90% of consumers in the U.S. find personalized marketing “very” or “somewhat” appealing, meaning the personal touches do matter when reaching out to customers via email.

When structuring your welcome email, greet your new subscriber by name and include valuable information to increase your chances of keeping their attention. Consider including a discount or special promotion to celebrate their new interest in your company. Offering your audience a valuable promotion right off the bat will encourage their continued loyalty to your brand, not to mention establish your company as legitimate rather than spam.

3. Birthday or anniversary coupon codes

Special events like birthdays or customer anniversaries makes for perfect marketing opportunities. What better way to strengthen your relationship with customers than by celebrating their anniversary with your business? According to Experian, birthday emails typically generate 342% higher revenue per email than regular promotional emails.

In your birthday or anniversary email, keep a positive tone and place emphasis on a special promotion or discount to help celebrate your customer’s big day. Make sure your promotion is valuable to the customer to ensure that your efforts are worthwhile and noticed.

Personalized email subject lines generate a 50% higher open rate on average when compared to generic subject lines, and you can personalize these automatically using merge tags from your email client. When coming up with a subject line for your email, make sure to mention the birthday or anniversary, and your customer’s name for the best results.

4. Utilize exit-intent pop ups

Have you ever tried to exit a website only to be prompted by a pop up asking if you really want to leave? Exit-intent pop ups are used to stop customers from abandoning their carts. By strategically catching customers before they actually abandon their carts, exit-intent pop ups can convert customers who need that final push to complete their transaction. Though some customers will exit out of the pop up and leave your website anyway, targeting customers who are on their way out gives a valuable opportunity for conversions.

The reasons for which shoppers leave websites include feeling uncomfortable giving credit card information online and wanting to compare prices with another store online. That being said, high shipping costs are the number one reason online shoppers abandon their carts. Consider offering a discount code for free shipping to grab attention in your exit-intent pop up. You could recover as many as 44% of lost customers by doing so.

Published: October 30, 2019

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