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5 Things to Consider Before You Jump into a Partnership

Things to Consider Before Jumping into a Partnership

Pooling your talent with someone else is not a bad idea. Many people do it because of the uncertain business climate, and there are many advantages of taking your business forward with a partner. The biggest benefit you have is that you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy shared resources and complementary talent to achieve your business goals.

However, there are five important points to consider before joining with a prospective business partner.

1. Understand your requirements

Do you actually need a business partner? Is your business currently lacking specific resources or knowledge that a partner can provide?

In this case, you should learn about the tools offered by your prospective partner. For example, if you are looking for tools like mobile POS or any CRM software, make sure that the one the partner uses fulfills the requirements. If your needs are not fulfilled by them, an additional investment will be on the cards. So, be sure that you first need a business partner and then ensure that their tools qualify in every way.

2. Sharing resources means sharing profits

Sharing resources can be great because it gives you an opportunity to get closer to your dreams, but it comes with a price tag attached. In this case, you’ll have to share a certain percentage of your profits with your business partners. So, make sure that you’re desperately looking for a business partnership only if you know that it is the best option available for you and you cannot move ahead without their support.

3. Keep your business separate from your relationship

Business and personal life should always be kept separate. Mixing the two can lead to issues that might not be repairable. So, be careful.

4. Make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before entering into an agreement

Entering into an agreement is a responsibility, and you’ll have to be with your business partners until the stipulated time mentioned in the agreement. So, it is important for you to read and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing.

5. Learn about your potential partner’s commitment to the business

If they are not as committed as you are towards the business proposed, they will start losing interest and enthusiasm in the long run. This can damage the brand image, and your credibility will be affected.

Published: July 7, 2017

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