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5 Benefits to Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

By: Bill Bradley


5 Benefits to Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Has your local chamber of commerce representative approached you about becoming a member? Not sure if it’s worthwhile?

Joining your local chamber of commerce has its distinct benefits. From meeting new people to getting your franchise in front of new political advocacy measures and learning opportunities, you stand to benefit by becoming a member. Here’s why.

#1. Networking

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people join a chamber of commerce is to form connections.

The networking opportunities at mixers, breakfasts and annual events is top notch through your local chamber. You’ll rub elbows with fellow business owners in your community who can refer you, use you or offer up helpful bits of wisdom. Growing this network of professionals is worthwhile and can lead to unforeseen opportunities.

#2. Advocacy

Many Chambers of Commerce engage in local politics. This type of advocacy can amplify your franchise’s voice and give you more leverage in your community.

As a perk to your chamber’s advocacy, you might also get the opportunity to meet and greet several local politicians. This is yet another way you can have your voice heard about matters that mean something to your franchise’s success.

#3. Learning Opportunities

Growing a business is tough. Although you might have experienced working in a franchise before buying one, there is still a lot to learn.

Many chambers offer seminars and luncheons where you can learn about new trends or freshen up on rusty skills. By hearing from local experts, you also get to know more people in your community while helping your business grow.

#4. Social Responsibility

One of the best ways to give back to your community is to get involved in social causes. The chamber in your town is usually up-to-speed on many of the non-profit initiatives taking place. These non-profits often use the chamber as a resource to seek out sponsors and volunteers. If you’re interested in giving back to the community who is helping your business grow (and get a little exposure in the process) this is a prime opportunity for you.

#5. Marketing Opportunities

Many chambers offer a variety of marketing opportunities. Some spotlight their members on their website. Others offer promotional offers you wouldn’t find other places. For example, as a member you could get a spot in your business directory.

By joining the chamber, you’ll get access to new marketing tactics with your membership. Research this to find out specifically what your chamber offers.

Should You Join?

Many franchise owners see tremendous benefit in becoming a member of their local chamber of commerce. If you’re interested in reaching a wider group of people and connecting with your community on a deeper level, a membership might be in your best interest.

Published: January 29, 2016

Source: America's Best Franchises

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