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Social Media is a “Tricky” Channel for B2B Lead Generation

By: Elaine Fogel


New Chief Marketer research shows that using social media for B2B (business-to-business) lead generation is “still tricky.” Translation: converting prospects is a pain.

Yet, social media use rose from 59% in 2013 to 68% this year. That’s a reasonable gain for a marketing channel that B2B marketers claim to be “slow and challenging.”

Despite the problems, one survey respondent said that social media “allows potential leads to hear a company’s voice and experience our personality even before meeting in person.”

So, what are the biggest obstacles to generating new leads via social media?

  1. Content requirements of social 47%
  2. Prospects wary of social [media] marketing 35%
  3. Inability to effectively measure ROI 34%
  4. Social leads not sufficiently qualified 34%
  5. Too many channels to understand 23%
  6. Social not relevant to core audience 20%
  7. Other 6%
What is the #1 most popular lead generation choice for B2B marketers?


Why? Relatively low cost, ability to track responses, and personalize offers/content are the top three responses.

Where are marketers getting their email lists? They’re getting their names from web registrations or opt-ins directly from prospects, renting files from brokers, third-party email opt-ins, and from media or publishing partners.

What B2B lead gen tactics yield the largest number of qualified leads? Referrals, email, and live sales visits.

What has your business used successfully for lead generation?

This article was originally published by Elaine Fogel

Published: September 17, 2014

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