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How to Help Your Business Stand Out at a Trade Show

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how-to-help-your-business-stand-out-at-a-trade-showTrade shows are a fantastic way for you to really make your business stand out from all the competition. That’s because here, you’re given a platform to put your marketing materials on display for potential clients. However, if a business doesn’t know how to promote themselves well, this can be a missed opportunity. Find out below exactly how to make your business shine at a trade show.

Attend Relevant Shows
There are tons of trade shows you can promote your business at, but for the most effective marketing of your product, be sure to attend one that is industry-related. Make sure you register as a vendor at a trade show that caters directly to the audience you’re attempting to reach. You want to be at a trade show where those in need of the products or services you’re offering will be. Set aside a portion of your marketing budget for securing a professional booth to set up and display your services right where your target audience will be.
Wear What You’re Selling
If you want your business to really stand out, be proud to show off what you’re selling. Business owners should get shirts printed out with the company logo on them, so they can wear them to the trade shows. It doesn’t matter if it’s a polo or t-shirt, simply displaying the logo on clothing will increase brand recognition.
We live in a digital world, where social media plays a huge part in contributing to a business’ success. To generate hype for your followers, develop your own hashtag for the event. Then, encourage all those who stop by your table to tweet using that same hashtag. Make sure to hire someone within the business to live tweet on behalf of the company. When you include Twitter in your marketing approach, you’ll reach more clients, both at the trade show and online.
Everyone loves free things, so don’t be afraid to offer some type of giveaway to those who stop by your display booth. This can be anything from a reusable water bottle to a t-shirt. The promise of receiving something of value for absolutely nothing will draw in a large crowd to your business.
Attending a trade show is crucial for businesses both large and small, as it allows them a chance to truly network and market their brand. By getting their name out to the greater public, they stand a better chance of connecting directly with future clients, allowing for business establishment. How you present your business at a trade show makes all the difference, so make sure that your company stands out completely from the rest to achieve the best results.
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Author: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on small business and education.
Published: October 24, 2014

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