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Essential Tips for a Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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is regaining its position as the favorite sales tool of small businesses. Earlier direct mail was intended to reach the maximum number of recipients and was more of a shot in the dark, hoping to hit the right target. But with increasing costs of postage and paper, marketers can no longer afford to be lax.

Today, with the vast amount of data available, it is possible to drive a targeted and highly efficient marketing campaign. As important as finding the right customer base is the need to script suitable marketing content.

Direct mail marketing has emerged as the most preferred marketing channel with more than 80% of direct mail being read or skimmed through by customers. The physical and tangible nature of direct mail as compared to digital marketing also lends it a competitive edge.

Let’s discuss the important aspects you need to keep in mind while planning the perfect direct mail marketing campaign.

Research Your Customers

It is important for you to have as much data as possible on your prospects. You need to know their demographics, income level and marital status. You also need to know whether they have children and the total number of members in the family. Getting the mailing list as close as possible to your desired and targeted customer base will ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

Also remember to update and prune the mailing list at regular intervals. You need to consistently track the performance of your list and maintain a dynamic and result-oriented list at any given time.

If you are an online seller of infant dresses and personal care products, it makes sense if you don’t include retired persons in the mailing list. Try to focus on new moms and expecting parents.

If your prospect is new to the city, he might be looking for lawn services and home-improvement contractors. If you specialize in any of these services, the possibility of the prospect keeping aside your mail for further reference is very strong.

Get the Content Right

Direct mail gets you the undivided attention of the reader. Taking into consideration the super-short attention span of today’s customers, it is imperative you present your idea in a short, attractive and concise manner.

If you are into B2B marketing, product features and benefits need to be given equal importance in your sales letter or brochure. If you sell trade magazines boast about your subscriber base among new business owners and newsmakers. Before you start selling your service or product, establish yourself as an authority that is well aware of the market and the industry.

Before you set out to write the sales copy, study the marketing problem and the prospect. You need to shell out some hard facts and statistics to prove the relevance of your product in addressing the problem or needs of your valuable prospect.

You will get your content right if you do your homework well, research thoroughly and have loads of relevant information to share with your readers. Also, it is very important you test your marketing mail and find out its effectiveness. There is no way you can gauge the success of your strategy without testing, evaluating and tracking its performance prior to the mass launch.

Wave the Magic Wand

‘Free’ works magic like nothing else. Coupons and offers always catch the attention of the prospect.

If you are giving away a free sachet of white tea in the mail, mention it in bold on the outside so that your prospect does not miss that. You can also include a feedback form. Most people like to respond to personal requests especially when you have given them a ‘free’ gift.

No-strings-attached free trials and services will help you get responses from prospective customers. Make sure you specify that there is no obligation on the part of the customers to purchase after availing the free offers.

The term ‘new’ also interests customers. It will definitely work for saloon services but in industrial or B2B marketing, managers may prefer tested and trusted products or services.

Send Out Attractive Mails

Marketing needs to appeal to all the senses. Your direct mail should go out in attractive packaging. You can use a bright colored envelope or a translucent one with an eye-catching newsletter or brochure within. For more immediate attention, you can use direct mail postcard marketing, so you get eyes on your message at first glance. Keep in mind that the letter-box holds hundreds of mails. You need to be the odd-one-out to catch your prospect’s attention.

If you specialize in high-quality professional services ensure your newsletter or brochure also reflects the quality of your services. They need to look expensive and classy.

Integrate Direct Mail Marketing and Online Marketing

It is essential you integrate your online presence with the direct mail marketing strategy. If your prospect has subscribed to your online newsletter, keep alive a consistent and quality flow of communication. You can interact with your customers and build brand value and trust. Online chatter will increase brand awareness.

You can announce your new launches, coupons and offers online before you actually mail them. This will create anticipation and interest among your prospects and customers.

Online information is clicked, shared and liked if it has the right blend of information, education and promotion, and reaches thousands in a matter of few minutes.


Direct mail marketing remains relevant despite the onslaught of new-age tactics like online marketing and social media marketing. A well-planned, integrated and comprehensive direct mail marketing campaign will reap immense benefits for your business.

Author: Kate Atmos is a freelance writer and likes to write about direct mail companies strategies for startups. In her spare time, she loves to read books on spirituality.

Published: June 17, 2014

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